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One of the classic layouts used on onepage


  1. is there a possibility of adding touch events to make it mobile-friendly?

  2. @thecahuna Its intended to use only css, for that you would need to use js, so it wont do the job. You can check the one page scroll by Pete design.

  3. Impressive & clever use of form inputs!

  4. but mouse scroll should work as well. no?

  5. clever stuff!

  6. i found this so convenient i was just learnin jade :)

    here's my version with mouse scroll as well http://codepen.io/codeinstein/pen/VjqyXJ

  7. @codeinstein Awesome! Thanks for that, I´ll probably be using your versión some time.

  8. @hrtzt Awesome boss! Thanks for the pen once again

  9. Awesome thank you ! Do you know how to make it compatible with other browsers ?

  10. @Guduche I asume you mean ie and edge, I havent dig into that but you can try this one https://github.com/peachananr/onepage-scroll/blob/master/README.md by Pete R. ;)

  11. @hrtzt thank you ! I'll look this

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