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This is a one page navigation with diferent sections and a pure CSS menu and transitions.


  1. This is really nice, thumbs up

  2. Marcel @marcel-robitaille on

    Got me

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.

  4. Cool !!!!!!. I really love this. It's so simple but clean and neat.

  5. How can i change the nav icons ?

  6. Im using font awesome, do you mean to change the hole set of icons or each individual icon for another one in the library?

  7. Thanks. I got it.

  8. Inspiring work :)

  9. Outstanding! Why? Well IMO it's the subtle little nuances of the movements that mimic reality slightly. Definitely taking both of Roger Ebert's thumbs and pointing them upwards for you \m/

  10. Wow, didn't knew that the :target selector can also do that. :D

  11. Hello.

    I loved your approach. Can i put your code (well, with a few modifications) on my website? I'll have a "References" tab where i'll put link for this pen, for sure!

    Cheers. Marco

  12. @mrodrigues Hi Marco, sorry for the late response, shure! do it, and don't forget that link back to this pen ;)

  13. Love this pen! I plan on using it for a website I am building & will make sure to give credit :)

  14. :-| I ...... Must ........ Use .....This. Gotta figure out how you did it.. Very Nice.

  15. I got the same problem with my personal website, everything has to be position absolute. When you start to make it responsive... that's the problem. http://bojan-sakovic.com .

  16. Super awesome

  17. awesome thanks

  18. This is AMAZING.

  19. Great job :-)

    Gonna mention you on the xml description tag. Checkout cjp-hamburg.de soon ;)

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