The inputs are contained within the main section of the code whereby the elements required for defining the pseudo code will be shown. The output will be the successful turn made by the car and that no accidents were caused. The logical steps required to make the right turn at the intersection are listed in the following pseudo code. Main Reveal the vehicle Reveal driving procedure Reveal acceleration Reveal brake pedal Reveal wheel Reveal driver Module drive Car Broadness of the intersection Width of the turn End main Drive Car Module Start the driving sequence Does the driver want to continue If no obstacles are on the intersection Proceed with the driving sequence (Shiffman, In Fry, & Marsh, 2012, p. 34) Proceed with the driving till the intersection END DO End drive Car Module Intersection module Input intersection IF stop sign THEN initiate brake pedal Till the car has stopped END IF While vehicle is at intersection Driver looks at all directions If vehicles at intersection before the car Allow vehicle (s) to pass Else Let go of brake pedal (Shiffman, In Fry, & Marsh, 2012, p. 39) Start acceleration Proceed with the driving sequence END WHILE END intersection module Turn module WHILE the vehicle is turning Verify if the intersection is clear Start the acceleration Rotate wheel 90 degrees to the right IF turn is done Adjust the wheel Proceed with driving END Done by Homework Prospect

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