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  1. This is nice, but why do you use the :before pseudo classes. I tried removing them and it seems to work fine without them.

  2. Mike Cobb @highlyinteractive on

    @adrianparr Good to know - this is my first go at CSS animation so I expect it could be improved a lot

  3. Fun!

    Even more fun by using HAML and SCSS for loops!


  4. Mike Cobb @highlyinteractive on

    @auginator Yes! Collaboration like this is the reason sites like codepen exist :)

  5. @auginator That's really cool. Could you point me towards a tutorial for HAML or SCSS? Thanks.

  6. @highlyinteractive - Totally! Also, as @adrianparr noted, I removed the :before selectors as they were not needed. Glad you liked my fork!

    @weirdvector I recommend going to the source, both projects have great documentation. I also recommend searching here on Codepen for HAML and SCSS, and you will find excellent examples in action!

    SASS - http://sass-lang.com/guide

    HAML - http://haml.info/docs.html

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