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                <progress-indicator role="progressbar"></progress-indicator>

Make sure to use `aria-labelledby` to specify what kind of progress indicator it is.
Optionally. also use `aria-describedby` to convey what is being loaded.


                @layer globals {
	*::after {
		box-sizing: border-box;
	:root {
		--font-base: "Space Mono", monospace;
		--color-dark: #1f1a38;
		--color-dark-glare: #989ea9;
		--color-success: #76f7bf;

		font-family: var(--font-base), system-ui;
	body {
		min-block-size: 100dvb;
		display: grid;
		place-items: center;

@layer components.progressbar {
	/* This custom property is the source of truth, the center of attention. */
	@property --progress-value {
		syntax: "<number>";
		inherits: true;
		initial-value: 0;

	[role="progressbar"] {
		/* CSS "API" for customizing the cosmetic parts. */
		@layer settings {
			--progress-size: 4rem;
			--progress-track: var(--color-dark);
			--progress-track-bg: var(--color-dark-glare);
			--progress-thickness: 6px;
			--progress-complete-bg: var(--color-success);
			--progress-complete-svg: url('data:image/svg+xml;utf-8,<svg xmlns="" width="32" height="32" viewBox="0 0 24 24"><path d="m9 19.414l-6.707-6.707l1.414-1.414L9 16.586L20.293 5.293l1.414 1.414z"/></svg>');

		@layer base {
			display: block;
			block-size: var(--progress-size);
			aspect-ratio: 1;
			position: relative;
			border-radius: 9e9px;
			display: grid;
			place-items: center;

			&::after {
				content: "";
				position: absolute;
				inset: 0;
				display: block;
				border-radius: inherit;
				border: var(--progress-thickness) solid transparent;

			&::before {
				border-color: var(--progress-track-bg);

			&::after {
				--_progress-percent: calc(var(--progress-value) * 1%);
				background-color: var(--progress-track);
				mask-image: conic-gradient(
						#000 var(--_progress-percent),
						#0000 var(--_progress-percent)
					linear-gradient(#000 0, #000 0);
				mask-clip: border-box, content-box;
				mask-composite: subtract;

		@layer states {
			&[data-completed="true"] {
				background-color: var(--progress-complete-bg);

				&::before {
					mask: var(--progress-complete-svg) no-repeat center;
					background-color: var(--progress-track);

		@layer overrides {
 			/* Fix colors for Windows contrast themes */
			@media (forced-colors: active) {
				--progress-track-bg: Canvas;
				--progress-track: CanvasText;



                import * as announcer from "";

announcer.setup(); //

// -------------------------------------------------------

class ProgressIndicator extends HTMLElement {
	static {
		customElements.define("progress-indicator", this);
	constructor() {

		// use shadow DOM to add show the value% inside the spinner.
		this.attachShadow({ mode: "open" });
		this.centerElement = document.createElement("span");
		this.centerElement.setAttribute("aria-hidden", "true"); // hiding from AT because aria-valuenow already handles it
		// hydrate the value property using initial HTML state
		this.value = getComputedStyle(this).getPropertyValue("--progress-value");

	get value() {
		return Number(this.#value);
	set value(value) {
		value = Math.max(0, Math.min(value, 100));
		this.#value = value;"--progress-value", `${value}`);
		this.setAttribute("aria-valuenow", value);
		this.centerElement.textContent = `${value}%`;

		 * We could use the live region to announce updates every few seconds, but it
		 * could get noisy and may be unnecessary if the progress only takes a short time.
		// throttle(() => announcer.notify(`Progress: ${value}%`));

		if (value === 100) {
			this.dataset.completed = "true";
			this.centerElement.textContent = ""; // clear the % text

			// only announce the final completion using live region
			setTimeout(() => announcer.notify("Progress finished!"), 200);
		} else {
			delete this.dataset.completed;

// -------------------------------------------------------

const progress = document.querySelector("progress-indicator");

// increment until 100%
const interval = setInterval(() => {
	progress.value += 1;
	if (progress.value >= 100) clearInterval(interval);
}, 100);