Firstly I should mention that I have never used Markdown before. I am also excited by Codepen's new blogging feature and am wondering how I might be able to use this with my teaching. I thought I would try writing a little article to see how it all works, so here goes...

So Flexbox has been on the cards for a while now, and it seems that these days it is pretty much supported by latest browsers. At first I thought the best feature of it was the ability to reorder content, now I see that it is going to be pretty much the future of web design layout.

I really loved stumbling across Philip Walton's Solved by Flexbox. Incidentally, I was also inspired by his guide to CSS architecture, and the CSSLint tool.

Chris Coyier at CSS tricks has a great Flexbox guide, and here is another well presented cheatsheet that looks useful.

Here is my first, very basic experiment using Flexbox. It features a 'sticker footer' and centered content:

P.S. I am really loving Codepen more and more, the more I use it. - What an awesome tool! It seems that in the world of web coding there is always more to learn, and great new tools to uncover just about every day...

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