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CodePen is a place to write and share front-end code.

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We call them Pens.

Write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and get a real-time preview. You can use CodePen to:

  • Show off the amazing things you build.
  • Learn new things by tinkering.
  • Build reduced test cases to report bugs and get help on tricky problems.
  • Try out new technologies for the first time.
  • Build components to later use elsewhere.

The possibilities are endless. Everything you do is saved on CodePen, so the more you use it the more useful it becomes.

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The CodePen Editor

The CodePen Editor has a ton of features.

Write code with preprocessors, if you want.

Sass, LESS, Stylus, PostCSS. Markdown, Haml, Slim, Pug. Just some of the preprocessor syntaxes you can use on CodePen. We want you to feel comfortable in whatever languages you already know and like.

And we also want you to be able to explore and learn new ones easily.

Or, don’t use them at all. You do you.

Your Web Portfolio

Your profile on CodePen is like your front end development portfolio. You can showcase all your best work there. Proof positive you're the genius your mother always told you you were.

  • You can have 100% design control over your profile.
  • Use the Hire Me feature to find freelance work.
  • You follow other developers from their profile, and other developers follow you.
  • Explore and search through everything you've created on CodePen.

Check out some of Team CodePen's profile's like Chris Coyier, Marie Mosley, Rachel Smith, and Tim Holman.

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Examples of Embeds

Put a Pen on it.

Any Pen can be embedded on any other website. It's just some simple copy-and-paste HTML code. Embedded Pens are the most compelling way to display code demos. Not only can you see the real final rendered result (screenshots, pshaw) but you can see all the code used to make it in luscious syntax highlighting.

You have complete control over the look of the Embedded Pens. With our Embed Builder, you can quickly change colors and settings, even making them into a theme you can apply to multiple Embedded Pens. Or you can take complete control by applying your own custom CSS.

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CodePen is perfect for sharing code at conferences and meet-ups through an overhead projector. We even have Presentation Mode which is specifically for this purpose.

In Presentation Mode, the screen can be arranged just how you like it to display the code and result you want to show. Adjust settings on the fly to make things easier to see. Then quickly give your viewers a URL to the very code you are presenting.

Uhm, hi. I actually prefer learning about web apps through explanatory cartoon videos.

We got you.


CodePen can be used for teaching in all kinds of different ways. Teachers can provide instructional Pens that students need to fork, work on, and then turn back in.

Need to present to the class and get everyone on the same page? Professor Mode updates the students screens in real time. Better than video by a mile.

Get Social.

CodePen is a community. You follow other developers. Other developers follow you. You love, collect, and comment on other peoples Pens. Other people love, collect,and comment on your Pens.

The social aspect is part of what makes CodePen a fun place to be.

Go Offline.

The CodePen community is awesome on the web, but they like to hang out in real life too! There have been hundreds of meetups all around the world. From Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Hyderabad, India.

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