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Second encounter on flat amusement park by Lina for Zajno - now flat horse ride carousel and my attempt to animate it with CSS.




  1. This is great! Well done! What tech stack did you actually use for this? Can you please explain a little of your process. Cheers

  2. @tilite of course! No problem.

    There are some little tricks I've been using with svg every time. First of all - you need proper .ai file (or any vector format with layers that can be saved as svg; though I prefer .ai). Then you need to decide which elements will be animated and how.

    Sometimes you need only a little animation inside SVG - so you only have to name layers and groups properly so you don't have to look up for them in bunch of raw svg code.

    But another times, like this one right here - you have to build your own illustration - so I sliced .ai file into layers AND artboards, then exported artboards (this is critical right here) to svg. This matters because when you press 'use artboards' in 'export menu' svg exports WITH artboard, so you always have proportions and size of original image. Every slice that you see here is on transparent background with 4:3 proportions - you can see it if you look at svg in any editor.

    As for css - this is actually pretty easy - I used 'preserve 3d' for every 3d layer, 'transform-3d' to place them properly in depth so I don't have to deal with z-indexes, 'perspective: 0px;' so we have this fully 'flat' style. Then I built a cylinder out of css blocks - positioned them, placed thin poles as background-image and horse images as inside blocks. That is almost all - I used margins to animate horses, Y-transform to animate cylinder and moving background-image to animate striped pole. Hope this helps! :)

  3. Thank you for explanation, your artwork is beautiful!

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