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              var dimx = 256;
var dimy = dimx;

var field = new field2D(dimx, dimy);
var past = new field2D(dimx, dimy);

// @see http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/016727898990081X#
// This typically goes through several stages:
// first a mass pulsing, more or less synchronized with a textured brain-like pattern
//) { circular pulsing pockets begin to appear and grow, with waves pushing to larger regions at different phases
//) { spiral patterns begin to appear and overcome the still growing pulsations
// the spirals break down under their own advection into smaller spirals while the bigger waves consume the remaining space
// the crucial parameter to vary these behaviors is sickness_rate
var sickness_rate = 0.11;
var infection_rate_infected = 1 / 3;
var infection_rate_ill = 1;
var initial_infection = 1 / 255;

function initialize() {
  return 1 - random() * random()


// how to r}er the scene
function draw(ctx) {
  // draw the field (by default it fills the canvas):

// a cell is infected if (the value is greater than zero:
var isinfected = Math.ceil;
// a cell is ill if (the value is equal or greater than 1:
var isill = Math.floor;

var floor = Math.floor;
var min = Math.min;

// the rule for an individual cell (at position x, y) in the field:
function transition(x, y) {

  // check my own previous state:
  var C = past.get(x, y);

  // check out the neighbors' previous states:
  var N = past.get(x, y + 1);
  var NE = past.get(x + 1, y + 1);
  var E = past.get(x + 1, y);
  var SE = past.get(x + 1, y - 1);
  var S = past.get(x, y - 1);
  var SW = past.get(x - 1, y - 1);
  var W = past.get(x - 1, y);
  var NW = past.get(x - 1, y + 1);

  if (C >= 1) {
    // all ill cells are healed automatically:
    C = 0;
  } else if (C > 0) {
    // infected
    var nearbyinfection = C + N + NE + E + SE + S + SW + W + NW;
    var nearbyinfected = 1 + isinfected(N) + isinfected(NE) + isinfected(E) + isinfected(SE) + isinfected(S) + isinfected(SW) + isinfected(W) + isinfected(NW);
    var averageinfection = nearbyinfection / nearbyinfected;
    C = sickness_rate + averageinfection;
    C = min(1, C);
  } else {
    // healthy cell:

    // number of var infected:
    var nearbyinfected = (
      isinfected(N) + isinfected(NE) + isinfected(E) + isinfected(SE) + isinfected(S) + isinfected(SW) + isinfected(W) + isinfected(NW)
    // calculate number of var ill:
    var nearbyill = (
      isill(N) + isill(NE) + isill(E) + isill(SE) + isill(S) + isill(SW) + isill(W) + isill(NW)

    var influence = floor(nearbyinfected * infection_rate_infected) + floor(nearbyill * infection_rate_ill);

    C = initial_infection * influence;
  // a sick cell gets sicker by a fixed amount, plus extra sickness due to infected neighbours. It cannot get sicker than the limit.
  // An uninfected cell may catch infection, depending on its neighbours.
  // At the next 'tick' any ill cells are healed!

  // return the new state:
  return C;

function update() {
  var tmp = past;
  past = field;
  field = tmp;

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