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              // simple vehicle model adapted from http://www.red3d.com/cwr/steer/gdc99/
var a = {
  // action:
  sense_range: 0.4, // how far it can see
  // the current desired steering 
  steering: new vec2(),
  // clipping:
  max_force: 1/2000,
  max_speed: 1/100,
  // physics:
  pos: new vec2(0.1),
  vel: new vec2(),
  // visual properties
  size: 1/40, 

// the location of interest (moved with mouse)
var target = new vec2(0.8);

var obstacle = {
  pos: new vec2(0.5),
  size: 0.2

function mouse(e, p) {
  // click to toggle seek/flee:
  if (e == "down") {
  } else {

// simple locomotion model
function locomotion(a) {
  // interpret steering as a force to get acceleration
  var force = a.steering.limit(a.max_force);
  var acceleration = force; // divided by mass?
  // forward Euler integration & clipping

// get desired steering to approach a target:
function steering_seek(a, target) { 
  // we want our velocity to get us 
  // from the current location to the target
  var rel = target.clone().sub(a.pos);
  // but it can't go any faster than our top speed:
  var desired_velocity = rel.limit(a.max_speed);
  // steering is relative to current velocity
  a.steering = desired_velocity.sub(a.vel);

function steering_avoid(a, o) {
  // get current heading:
  var heading = a.vel.angle();
  // get vector to obstacle:
  var rel = o.pos.clone().sub(a.pos);
  // rotate into our current view frame:
  // is the obstacle in our path of collision?
  var in_front = rel[0] > 0;
  var in_range = rel[0] < a.sense_range;
  // abs() captures left and right:
  var in_path = Math.abs(rel[1]) < (o.size + a.size)/2; 
  if (in_front && in_range && in_path) {
    // zero forward component and negate side component:
    var desired_velocity = rel.mul([0, -1]);
    // rotate back to global:
    // usual limit & add to steering:

function update() {
  // absent: action selection (currently just mouse)  
  // steering calculation
  steering_seek(a, target);
  // adjust to avoid obstacle:
  steering_avoid(a, obstacle);
  // turn into motion:

function draw() {
  // draw obstacle:
  draw2D.circle(obstacle.pos, obstacle.size);
  // push into agent coordinate frame
    // simple body and "eyes"
    draw2D.rect([0.4, 0.4], 0.2);
    draw2D.rect([0.4,-0.4], 0.2);
  // done drawing agent

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