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An actually playable Xylophone, sounds produced by a web audio api oscillator


  1. Stop the text from getting selected :) user-select: none;

  2. @Tortuous wonder why somebody's trying to select a xylophone :) added it by your request though

  3. Very fun, clean code, i like!

  4. I want to click on the notes rather than slide over them

  5. @grayghostvisuals to do so, you can fork the pen and change the mouseenter and mouseleave events on lines 44 and 49 accordingly to mousedown and mouseup

  6. really awesome

  7. Amazing work :) Hope to see more from you :)

  8. Very nice! What is it exactly that makes it sound like a xylophone?

  9. Note bringing out sound when i open on my PC. Great job.

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