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                <div id="headlines"></div>


                #headlines > div{
  border: 1px solid white;
  // position:absolute;

#headlines > div ~ div{
  // opacity:0;


                var myString = [];
myString = ["Test", "","Rest","Best"]; //Empty string is on purpose. The code below detects the empty string and removes it.
var delay_values = []; //The code below will push different numerical values into this array, based on whether there is an empty string found in the above array. In other words, "Test" will remain for 4 seconds instead of 2 (default), because there was an empty string after it.
var current = 0; //Position of empty string in relation to item.

myString.forEach(function(key, item){
   //Automatically push 2 as first value
  if(myString[item] == "" && item !== 0){ //Any empty string other than first item
    current++; //Capture number of items to go back
    var prev = item-current; //Go back to the correct item
    delay_values.splice(prev,prev, (delay_values[prev] + 2));//Add value of +2 to that item
    delay_values.splice(prev+1,prev+1);//Delete previous value replaced
    current=0; //How deep into the array
    if(item >= myString.length-1){
      //if last item in array, do not add delay to array
      delay_values.push(2); //Add value of 2 to first item and any other item that is not empty

var headlines_tl = new TimelineMax({paused:true}); //I want to append to this timeline. The timeline is paused until all logic is complete and sequences have been added.
myString = myString.filter(Boolean); //Remove empty strings from array.

myString.forEach(function(key, item){
  var headlines = document.getElementById("headlines");
  headlines.innerHTML += "<div>"+key+"</div>";
  var div = $("#headlines").find("div")[item];
  if(item == 0){ //if the item is first in the array, then we will only fade it out.
    headlines_tl.append(, .5, {alpha:0, delay:delay_values[item]}));
  }else{ //if the item is not first in the array, we will fade it in first, then fade it out.
    headlines_tl.append(, .5, {alpha:1}));
    if(item === myString.length-1){ //if the item is last in the array, we won't fade it out. it will remain indefinitely.
      headlines_tl.append(, .5, {alpha:0, delay:delay_values[item]}));
headlines_tl.restart(); //start the timeline.