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                <section id="splash-hero">
    <div class="h-screen bg-red-500 flex justify-center items-center">
        <div id="hero-logo-container" class="flex">
            <div class="">
                <svg class="w-28" viewBox="0 0 124 117" fill="none" xmlns=""><path d="M67.6577 58.1928L93.0602 47.2434L87.3965 44.7118L61.8865 55.7078L56.1152 58.1928L61.8865 60.6777L87.6727 71.7824L93.3365 69.2509L67.6577 58.1928Z" fill="#E5F0FC"/><path d="M119.246 85.3875V109.833L67.029 86.0087L61.4727 88.4937L123.774 116.9V82.3589L99.0316 71.7046L93.3679 74.2362L119.246 85.3875Z" fill="#E5F0FC"/><path d="M123.773 0.650002L61.8857 28.3108L67.4728 30.8113L119.245 7.67004V30.9977L93.0902 42.2577L98.754 44.7893L123.773 34.0107V0.650002Z" fill="#E5F0FC"/><path d="M30.3601 69.2816L12.6627 61.2987V55.3192L30.7131 47.2431L36.3769 44.7115L61.8869 33.3117L56.2999 30.8112L30.6824 42.2576L25.0187 44.7892L8.13477 52.3373V64.2806L24.6963 71.72L30.2987 74.2826L55.9315 85.962L61.4878 83.4926L35.9625 71.8443L30.3601 69.2816Z" fill="#E5F0FC"/><path d="M30.3604 69.2818L35.9627 71.8445L61.8872 60.6776L56.116 58.1927L30.3604 69.2818Z" fill="#E5F0FC"/><path d="M36.3776 44.7114L30.7139 47.243L56.1164 58.1924L61.8877 55.7074L36.3776 44.7114Z" fill="#E5F0FC"/><path d="M98.7554 44.7893L93.0916 42.2577L67.4741 30.8113L61.8871 28.3108L0 0.650002V34.0107L25.0188 44.7893L30.6826 42.2577L4.5126 30.9977V7.67004L56.3001 30.8113L61.8871 33.3118L87.3971 44.7116L93.0609 47.2432L111.111 55.3193V61.2988L93.3372 69.2507L87.6734 71.7823L61.488 83.4927L55.9317 85.9621L4.5126 108.948V85.3875L30.2989 74.2828L24.6965 71.7201L0 82.3589V115.968L61.4727 88.4937L67.029 86.0087L93.3679 74.2362L99.0316 71.7046L115.624 64.2808V52.3374L98.7554 44.7893Z" fill="#E5F0FC"/></svg>
            <div id="reveal" class="relative ml-9 w-80 overflow-hidden invisible hidden">
                <div id="logo-letters" class="h-full" style="background-image: url('')"></div>




                let logo = document.querySelector("#hero-logo-container");

if (logo !== null) {
    .from(logo, { y: "100vh" })
    .set("#reveal", { autoAlpha: 1, display: "block" })
    .from("#logo-letters", { xPercent: 100 }, "<");