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Light weight jQuery plugin specialized only in drawing doughnut chart. Also please check out Pie chart version of this! http://codepen.io/githiro/pen/xABCi Github repository: https://github.com/githiro/drawDoughnutChart


  1. Very cool, I think I might use this for something in the near future, if I ever get over my fear of using SVG do to lack of IE8 support.

    I wonder how you go about making a fallback for this in browsers that don't support SVG, like converting it into a bar chart or something. Awesome nonetheless.

  2. Actually looks like there is already a fallback option mentioned here: http://www.chartjs.org/docs/

  3. @GRSimon Thank you! As for IE8, I'm planning to support by using VML(same as chartjs's approach).

  4. Hi,

    this is cool!

    Is it possible to have more than 1 chart on the page?

  5. Thanks Hiro! I used your code to create the chart on www.poopcafe.ca

  6. Hi! Amazing work!!! Is possible to add a round effect to the segments corners? Cheers!!!!

  7. Do you have a react version

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