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Here are some useful mixins to help you create & customize your own buttons:

  1. Draw
  2. Draw meet

Check out my button collection for more.


  1. super cool!

  2. Very nice.

  3. Hey Giana!

    I'm trying to do something like your Draw Meet button boarder effect, but I need the border to start from the bottom left and go up and right... Would you know how to achieve that/ is it even possible?

    Love the stuff you do, keep it up :D

  4. Nice work Quick question on your DRAW MEET from the bottom right corner instead or any way to make it easy to pick any corner?


  5. @mikesoden @hderaps

    Made a mixin for this: http://codepen.io/giana/pen/xdXpJB

    You can now pass the originating direction as top/bottom and left/right.

  6. @giana, thanks for that, it's awesome. Cheers!

  7. @giana

    I wanted to have this effect but with rounded corner...

    Even if I barely understand your construction, I figured out it would be hard as with border-radius it brakes everything but some idea came to my mind...

    Why not combining all the animation ?

    Here is my attempt and I apologize for my rought coding maybe you could explain me your technique ;-) (would love a tuto about this)


  8. @1conu59 That's pretty clever! Yes, border-radius presents a big challenge. Need to do some thinking about how it could be accomplished.

  9. Can i use in Wordpress?

  10. @jvera Yup, you can use it however you want.

  11. Great, Thanks for the wonderful code

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