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Had us started.


  1. Is the view inside a black hole? :D Nice!

  2. Sweet menger sponge!

  3. This is so mesmerizing, and very satisfying. Awesome work as usual!

  4. Thanks all :)

    Mathieu 'p01' Henri was able to code this menger sponge in a few bytes http://www.p01.org/512b_jspongy/ but small is not always beautiful...

    @shubniggurath I don't know how you can do all the super things you do. OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders are really limitted and annoying IMO. For this particular Pen, I was shocked when I realized that bitwise operators are not even available... I can't wait for WebGL 2.0 ;-)

  5. @ge1doot yeah mate, the language is limiting. The lack of bitwise operators makes me cry frequently, especially when trying to code fractals. Still, it's more powerful than any other visual language on the web, and so we do it for the love of graphics, right?

  6. @shubniggurath sure, nothing can beat GPU vectorization. But I was lucky n & 3 and n % 4 give the same results here.

    I learned webgl mostly based on vertex shaders geometry. Doing it all in fragment shaders is really different and this ray marching / SDF technique really hard to understand...

  7. @ge1doot have you read any Inigo Quilez? He's basically my shader hero. Some of the concepts he talks about are absolutely amazing.

  8. This is just beautiful. Could see this doing well at the top of a personal website instead of a full-width slider. Amazing work!

  9. I can't decide if I prefer the positive or the negative version...

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