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But is it Art?


  1. Yes. It is art.

  2. This remember me stalkyard, map from half-life. Ohh, good old times...



  5. Just like dive in Interstellar, it's awesome !

  6. Thanks all 😍

    I'm glad I took some time to learn [raw] webGL... It looks more intimidating than it is...

  7. This is so fuckin awesome.

  8. By the way... click on the center of the screen and hold your mouse for 10 seconds... ;-)

  9. Fantastic! Great work as always Gerard!

    As far as I'm concerned, this is absolutely art. Writing a line of code isn't so different from a brush stroke on a painting, or a sentence in a book. It all works toward the final picture. It may not be art in a traditional sense, but its structured, aesthetic, and creative - In my mind, that's art!

  10. amazaing

  11. This is great :)

  12. You should turn this into a VR experience. That would be legit.

  13. can we adjust mouse movement to inner direction? here only mouse direction left to right or right to left.

  14. It's really fantastic, Gerard!

    I felt dizzy :)

  15. Excellent!

  16. Yess I like this

  17. I've lost a sense of direction, though something keeps pushing me forward. And every time I feel I'm entering the night, there's merely more to be discovered.

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