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Thousands of clicks later, I could still not stop, no matter how hard I tried...


  1. I like the ending of this game.

  2. onmousemove has more instant gratification ;)

  3. @chrisgannon smart man. That was great.

  4. I hate you <3

  5. The end has no end the end has no end The end has no end the end has no end The end has no end the end has no end The end has no end the end has no end...

  6. It's like bubble wrap!

  7. CJ Williams @silencekillsdesign on

    haha. Nice one @douglassbranton. I was thinking the same.

  8. It's like bubble wrap! that's funny

  9. This one split me into bits.

  10. sweet :D I had a very similar ideea to yours actually - http://codepen.io/boncutdan/pen/XJNQvy

  11. JITTER CLICKING IS USELES >>>>:cccccccccccccc

  12. This is amazing

  13. uaauUAua!!! Cool!!! Very Nice!

  14. so, not all good things come to an End.

  15. Oh maan, the ending is awesome 😉

  16. Someone triggered some very very basic neuronal patterns there... argh.

  17. You owe me a new mouse, this is addicting :)

  18. can't stop clicking lol

  19. I feel guilty for forking this pen to add 3 lines of code: https://codepen.io/askdrax/pen/wzRYKR Gerard deserves all the credit :)

  20. @ge1doot those are lyrics to a strokes song, but they was not real purpose to that comment

  21. ⚡️

    My OCD didn't appreciate this

  22. Lmao I still kept on clicking even when it got so tiny ;^))) It's so addicting tbh.

  23. You are evil hahahah

  24. So satisfying. Thank you!

  25. Wait, there is an actual end?! :) It's kind of annoying, but it makes you want to keep doing it every time you split another box. Very fun.

  26. what is your life

  27. I just spent 3 days trying to get font awesome to do the same, when I figured it out or solved it enough for my problem to go away... the plans changed...

  28. That's so cool!

  29. It's interesting so i folked it for fun! https://codepen.io/vv13/pen/rGdMgY

  30. @vv13 Ohhh Mmmm... Ooooh! You may also like this version: https://codepen.io/ge1doot/full/doMede/


  31. anybody want to join my professor class on codepen the link is https://codepen.io/Yasin0121/professor/xpzazK/

  32. I also LOVE this Pen!!!!!

  33. Hi, can you please do me a favor? I like this so much, is there a way to automate it? I'm wondering if EVERY block was split would it ultimately freeze the browser?

  34. @co083121 if you want to test, line 11, change onmousedown by onmouseover...

  35. So awesome! Very addicting.

  36. How dare you, sir. XD

  37. So Cool!

  38. This is cool!!!!

  39. so satisfying!!

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