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Contemplating the neon lights in the ceiling panels, I allowed them to send me into a hypnotic state.


  1. This is so cool! I can't wait to show this to my professor!

  2. Nicely Done! Every time I see one of your pens I feel woefully inadequate. Where in the world do you learn to code these things? haha

  3. @ge1doot have you seen FROST? They do something similar but they figured out how to move the positioning logic to the GPU. I recommend checking out gpu-boids

  4. @clindsey Thanks for the links. I'm still slowly learning the basics of WebGL. I'm afraid the GPGPU and pure GLSL coding is not for now ;-)

    But I'm planning to rewrite the WebGL part of this pen again, using GL_POINTS draw calls instead of the current "sprites" method it uses... Using a texture, 2 triangles and 6 vertices for each particle is probably not the best I could do.

  5. Voila. Change done. No triangles/textures anymore. Dots are drawn in the shaders (logically using "dot" product, he he). Old version in the forks.

  6. you can make youtube channel

  7. I really like your pens.

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