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Based off of a piece of code I did for @jzl's portfolio navigation at http://jeselleobina.com/portfolio. Stay tuned for a full tutorial on Tuts+!

For an ARIA-accessible version, click here http://codepen.io/gabriellewee/pen/oWyObX


  1. This is really great - and especially crazy since it's all in css.

  2. Neat prototype. Note that keyboard users cannot use this menu here or on the sample site, and screen reader users are right out.

  3. @aardrian Thanks for the feedback! I'm actually working on a version that works with screen readers and ARIA attributes, so I'll update when it's finished!

  4. @gabriellewee I look forward to seeing that. If you have questions, feel free to ping me. I have experience with both.

  5. Agree - as a new-bee on Codepen this is interesting how you wrote it

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