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Functional animated calculator with script heavily modified from @supah's pen.


  1. This doesn't work! (but it looks nice)

  2. @sburkebuzz Thanks! Which part isn't working? It seems to be working from my end!

  3. 5X5 enter (25)

    +1 enter (26)

    -4 enter (22)

    x 99 enter (-370) ??

    Just a bug :)

  4. @sburkebuzz That makes sense! It's doing the entire equation in PEMDAS order instead of taking the previous total - 5×5+1-(4×99) instead of (5×5+1-4)×99. Thanks for the catch!

  5. Chris @Chris_Scomersi on

    0/0 collapses it :) you should catch the infinity value and replace it with 0 something like
    if output == Infinity || isNaN(output)) {
    output = "error"; // or output = 0

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