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I made this months ago and only recently rediscovered the pen and decided to finish it once and for all. Inspired by ustwo games' Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2! I wanted to introduce my own color scheme and mechanics - some of the parts rotate, and the round windows might show things from a different perspective if you look through them.

There's a bug in Safari 11 where the windows don't change color! Working on either a fix or a bug report.

You can find the totem from the first game here (https://codepen.io/gabriellewee/pen/zNBMmW) and the doortem from the second game here (https://codepen.io/gabriellewee/pen/PjwgMq).


  1. Gahhhh so good Gabrielle! And loved that game :)

  2. @michaellee Thank you so much! ✨ Those two are some of my favorite games ever~

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