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Edit: I wrote a post about how to make these! Check it out here.

They're a little trigger-happy, but when I fixed them to be less sensitive, I lost the interesting rotations you get at each corner. I decided they're better as-is.


  1. how do I change the image on the cube?

  2. @Emerald-Espeon There are inline SVGs in the Haml/HTML

  3. This is so cool! I love how they do multi-directional rotations when the mouse moves in/out diagonally. Nice work!

  4. @estewart23 Thanks! It was something I hadn't intended on, but I liked the effect so much I left it in. It's due to your mouse moving over a separate link area - the cube changes smoothly mid-transition to another transition.

  5. i love that you can tab through the cube sides. nice work

  6. This is great! Any way with only CSS to add direction-aware mouse-off as well? Fantastic work!

  7. @brandonmcconnell There is, in a way, but then the default state would be the same as the mouse-off state - you'd have to put the animation/transition on a ~ div and remove it on a:hover ~ div.

  8. WOW! So cool 🙌

  9. golly, you're awesome :)

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