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                <!-- See for a more in-depth demo -->
<!-- and for a reference -->

<!-- Wrap the entire slide show in a div using the "reveal" class. -->
<div class="reveal">
  <!-- Wrap all slides in a single "slides" class -->
  <div class="slides">
    <!-- Each section element contains an individual slide -->
    <!-- Nested sections produce vertically connected slides -->
    <section id="title">
        <h1>Presentation title</h1>
        <p class="fragment fade-up">We're going to talk about some aspect of...  </p>
        <div class="fragment fade-up"><h2 class="fragment shrink">compression</h2></div>	
        <h4>This presentation is for assessment in<br/> 
          Unit 2 of Computing and App Design at FCC 2017

    <section id="show-a-link">
      <h1>A Kodak test image</h1>
      <!--  Note the use of data-src to aid Lazy Loading of large external media -->
      <!--    -->
      <img data-src="" num="08" height="300px" id="test-img">
        <a href=""></a>
      <p>This is much less contraversial than 
        <a href="">Lenna...</a>
      <aside class="notes">
        Speaker notes are added like this

      <h1>Code & Math Slide</h1>
      <p>Some code follows </p>
    $(function () {
      $('a').click(function(event) {
        alert('Thanks for visiting!'');
      <p> Test inline maths: $e^{\mathrm{i} x} = \cos(x) + \mathrm{i} \sin(x)$  </p>
      <h1> Internal links </h1>
      <p>Back to the <a href="#/title">top</a>? </p>

        <h1>The End</h1>
        <p>Any Questions?</p>	
          <li> <a href=""> CSP Unit 2</a></li>
          <li> <a href="">CS Field Guide: Compression</a></li>
          <li> <a href="">Wikipedia: Lenna</a></li>
          <li> <a href="">Kodak Lossless True Color Image Suite</a></li>




                var cdn = '';
  controls: true,
  progress: true,
  history: true,
  center: true,
  help: true, // Show help overlay when ? is pressed
  transition: 'convex', // default / none / slide / concave / convex / zoom
  transitionSpeed: 'default', // default / fast / slow
  backgroundTransition: 'default', // default / none / fade / slide / convex / concave/ zoom
  dependencies: [ // Comment in/out as needed
    { src: cdn+'lib/js/classList.js', // Cross-browser shim that fully implements classList
      condition: function() { return !document.body.classList; } },
    // { src: cdn+'plugin/markdown/marked.js',   // Interpret Markdown in <section> elements [1]
    //   condition: function() { return !!document.querySelector( '[data-markdown]' ); } },
    // { src: cdn+'plugin/markdown/markdown.min.js', // Interpret Markdown in <section> elements [2]
    //   condition: function() { return !!document.querySelector( '[data-markdown]' ); } },
    { src: cdn+'plugin/highlight/highlight.min.js', async: true,  // Syntax highlighting <code> elements
      callback: function() { hljs.initHighlightingOnLoad(); } },
    { src: cdn+'plugin/zoom-js/zoom.min.js', async: true}, // Alt+click zoom on elements
    { src: cdn+'plugin/notes/notes.min.js', async: true}, // Speaker notes
		{ src: cdn+'plugin/math/math.min.js', async: true }  // MathJax
  math: {
		mathjax: '',
		config: 'TeX-AMS_HTML-full'  // See

// Probably should link these to smaller test images / faster site! 
var kImg = document.getElementById("test-img");
kImg.onclick = function() {
  var newNum = Number(kImg.getAttribute("num")) + 1;
  kImg.setAttribute("num", newNum);
  // kImg.setAttribute("data-src", kodakImg(newNum));
  kImg.src = kodakImg(newNum);

// Randomize inital image on document load -- too late?
// Reveal.addEventListener( 'ready', function( event ) {
//   kImg.src = kodakImg(Math.round(Math.random()*24));
// } );

function kodakImg(n) {
  // Images are numbered 01, 02, ..., 24
  var num = n < 1 ? n + 23 : n-1;
  num = (num % 24) + 1;
  num = ((num < 10) ? "0" : "") + String(num); // Pad to two digits with a zero
  return ""+num+".png"