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What started out as an animation experiment turned into a CSS and HTML reimagining of BB-8. The keen eyed amongst you will notice there is no animation. I'll get to that in the future (I probably won't)... Check out @EricPorter's animated version of this. It is ace https://codepen.io/EricPorter/details/NyjwLz/


  1. Holllleeeeeyyyy.... This is freakin tight. I've not seen the use of the deprecated I's and B's like this. Brilliant. Thank you for the whole thing, it's beautiful.

  2. Polishing a diamond here - I did some animation for fun: https://codepen.io/EricPorter/pen/NyjwLz?editors=0100

    Congrats friend, you've done some amazing CCS art.

  3. Cheers @EricPorter and the animation work you have added to this is amazing.

  4. Nice details. Liked it.

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