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Search wikipedia by clicking on the search icon, providing your search and press return.

Forked from Geoff Storbeck's Pen Wikipedia Search.

Forked from Free Code Camp's Pen Wikipedia Search.

This Pen is a fork of freeCodeCamp's Pen Wikipedia Search.


  1. What framework is used for the search animation?

  2. @dbeers5821, @key-freames new-item {} animation for search;

  3. I love the beauty and simplicity of this pen. I'm having so much trouble with the wiki API though.

  4. It doesn't seem to provide accurate search results. For example, searching for "mooc" should return the page for "Massive Open Online Course" as the first result. Also, it's not much of a Wikipedia Viewer if you can't view Wikipedia content without leaving the page. I'm pretty happy with the way my implementation turned out: http://codepen.io/Ghodmode/full/LbzXaQ/

  5. very fantastic project and style ! feel free to follow me

  6. even though the animation is nice. I think it's costing user interaction unnecessary. it would be more accessible with out animation.

  7. hey guys feel free to check out my viewer here =>> https://codepen.io/Muradmsalati/pen/pawPVR?editors=1010

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