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This Pen is a fork of awalthefirst's Pen Free Code Camp Weather App.


  1. Its not working??

  2. Am surprised FCC doesn't mention the https issue in the zipline description Think it would help newbs to explain the issue and difference :]

  3. How is it that this doesn't request permission to share geolocation? I have a lot to learn....

  4. It doesn't work and it is using angular... yeah, like FCC has taught at this point how to use Angular...

  5. It's not working... :(

  6. Not working for me

  7. Your location icon must be on. It wasn't working for me either until I switched on my location and reloaded the page.

  8. But to be honest, the project is way beyond the JSON/AJAX challenges on the site.

  9. location allowed still not working

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