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Forked from Free Code Camp's Pen wMQrXV.

This Pen is a fork of freeCodeCamp's Pen wMQrXV.


  1. Great man. Didn't know about him.

  2. Whatever this is okay

  3. Isn't he the 3rd man from the left?

  4. Great work! i love it

  5. good work quesny :D !

  6. I'm trying to work through this challenge. I know we aren't meant to come and look at this code, but I was certain my code was correct and for some reason nothing is resizing, so I came here to check I hadn't done something really stupid. Didn't seem that I had and in fact, if I take this code and from your pen and paste it directly into mine, everything suddenly stops being responsive - Help! I'm definitely loading Bootstrap afaik because default text settings and jumbotron are working.

    Here's my pen: http://codepen.io/i_bill/details/wJxGpp/

  7. Amanda @penelopepenguin on

    @i_bill OMG. I love Biffy Clyro!!! Great page idea!!!

    Can't really help you with your coding thing, I'm just barely starting. Just thought I'd say hi to another fan. Mon the Biff! :)

  8. https://codepen.io/dashingsuma/full/weGqwP/ This is my page, Take a glance .

  9. @i_bill did you link the Bootstrap CSS framework to your project? If you didn't it won't work, as the classes like "img-responsive" are undefined in that case. One of the initial pages of the challenge explains how to activate it.

  10. do we use bootstrap 4? or 3... my drop down menu was slightly different than the example when it said to quick add bootstrap

  11. I went with bootstrap 4

  12. Can anyone explain what this part of code means please? I dont understand how this part of code could affect its children

  13. @lancelee92 it applies to everything "Here's a timeline of Dr. Borlaug's life:" and below think of it all being in a box. its using bootstrap so think of dividing the rest of the space into 12 columns col-xs-12 part is saying if the screen the user is viewing this is extra small make the things in the div take up all 12 columns col-sm-10 and col-sm-offset1 these two are saying if the users screen is small (but not extra small) then make it take up 10 of the columns instead of the whole 12 that span the whole screen and move it one over, like start from the second column. col-md-8 col-md-offset-2 respectively the same info for a medium screen a more visual and better but more detailed and linger read here at boot straps site https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/layout/grid/

  14. Great work. I am a rookie in this business, I started learning form you. I did finish my assignments: Tribute page and Portfolio. What do you think? Critics? Suggestions? https://codepen.io/whiterubber2/.

  15. Fuck this sucks just like my pussy

  16. https://codepen.io/hassanrafi/pen/KxXmMb Finished it By the way salute to this man...

  17. @yclee it's bootstrap

  18. FCC, you guys rock! As soon I got a job in coding i sure will join the donations. Thank you very much! :) PS: Check out my first project: https://codepen.io/AugustFC/full/ErZVPv

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