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var cnt =-200;//x-value and counter for each parabola
var t=0,k = 0, p = 1,h = 0;//initial values for h,k,p, and reset counter t
function setup() {
  createCanvas(400, 400); //create the canvas
  background(0); //white background
  strokeWeight(0.1);//thin lines
  fill(255, 230, 0);//setting fill for circles to be transparent

function draw() {
  translate(width/2,width/2) //translate the canvas for (0,0)middle
  push()//pushes rotation until pop() appears
    rotate(t)//rotate canvas
    stroke(200+cnt/8,100+cnt/10,50);//create a gradient color 
    x1 = cnt; //set x
    y1 = -pow((x1-h),2)/(4*p)-k//Parabola y value
    circle(cnt,y1,2)//draw a circle for a point on the parabola
    line(cnt,y1,h,-(k+p));//draw the line to the focus
    line(cnt,y1,cnt,-(k-p));//draw the line to the directrix
    //make the parabola reflection or negative:
    cnt=cnt+2.5; //increase counter for x
    if (cnt>200){//draw the next parabola
      newHPK();// new h,p,k
function newHPK(){
  h = 0//no horizontal incrementing
  k = k - 20;//increment k
  p = p + 2;//increment p
  cnt = -200;//reset cnt
  t = t+1; //increment screen reset counter
  if (t> 15){ 
    background(0);//reset canvas
    t=0,k = 0, p = 1,h = 0;//initialize variables