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                <h2>jQuery HTML5 &lt;datalist&gt; validation</h2>
<form method="post" id="ItemEditForm" action="">
	<label for="ModelNameField">Model: </label>
	<input id="ModelNameField" name="modelname" list="ModelName" autocomplete="off">
	<datalist id="ModelName">
		<option value="Intel Advanced ML" />
		<option value="Intel D101GGC" />
		<option value="Intel D815EEA" />
		<option value="Intel D815EEA2" />
		<option value="Intel D845GBV" />
		<option value="Intel D845GEBV2" />
		<option value="Intel D845GLAD" />
		<option value="Intel D845GLVA" />
		<option value="Intel D845GVAD2" />
		<option value="Intel D845GVSR" />
		<option value="Intel D845HVL" />
		<option value="Intel D845WD" />
		<option value="Intel D845WN" />
		<option value="Intel D850GB" />
		<option value="Intel D850MV" />
		<option value="Intel D865GBF" />
		<option value="Intel D865GLC" />
		<option value="Intel D915GAG" />
		<option value="Intel D915GAV" />
		<option value="Intel D915PBL" />
		<option value="Intel D925XECV2" />
		<option value="Intel D945GNT" />
		<option value="Intel D945GTP" />
		<option value="Intel D945GTPL" />
		<option value="Intel D945P5N" />
		<option value="Intel D945PL" />
		<option value="Intel D945PLRN" />
		<option value="Intel D946GZIS" />
		<option value="Intel DG31PR" />
		<option value="Intel DG33BU" />
		<option value="Intel DG33FB" />
		<option value="Intel DG35EC" />
		<option value="Intel DG41RQ" />
		<option value="Intel DG43GT" />
		<option value="Intel DG43NB" />
		<option value="Intel DG845GV" />
		<option value="Intel DG965SS" />
		<option value="Intel DH55HC" />
		<option value="Intel DH55TC" />
		<option value="Intel DH67BLB2" />
		<option value="Intel DH67BLB3" />
		<option value="Intel DH77EB" />
		<option value="Intel DP45SG" />
		<option value="Intel DP55WG" />
		<option value="Intel DPSSWB" />
		<option value="Intel DQ35MP" />
		<option value="Intel DQ45CB" />
		<option value="Intel DQ57TM" />
		<option value="Intel DQ965GF" />
		<option value="Intel E210882" />
		<option value="Intel E41515-406" />
		<option value="Intel E87653-001" />
		<option value="Intel G7ESZ" />
		<option value="Intel ISP1100" />
		<option value="Intel L440GX" />
		<option value="Intel MFS2600KI" />
		<option value="Intel MFS2600KIB" />
		<option value="Intel MFS5520U" />
		<option value="Intel MFS5520VI" />
		<option value="Intel MFS5520VIR" />
		<option value="Intel N440BX" />
		<option value="Intel NL440BX" />
		<option value="Intel P2600IP" />
		<option value="Intel R440LX" />
		<option value="Intel S1200BTL" />
		<option value="Intel S1200BTLR" />
		<option value="Intel S1200V3RP" />
		<option value="Intel S2400SC2" />
		<option value="Intel S26001P" />
		<option value="Intel S2600CP" />
		<option value="Intel S2600CP2" />
		<option value="Intel S2600IP" />
		<option value="Intel S3000AH" />
		<option value="Intel S3000AHLX" />
		<option value="Intel S3200SH" />
		<option value="Intel S3210SH" />
		<option value="Intel S3210SHLC" />
		<option value="Intel S3210SHLX" />
		<option value="Intel S340GP" />
		<option value="Intel S3420GP" />
		<option value="Intel S3420GPLC" />
		<option value="Intel S3420GPLX" />
		<option value="Intel S5000PSL" />
		<option value="Intel S5000PSLSATAR" />
		<option value="Intel S5000VCL" />
		<option value="Intel S5000VSA" />
		<option value="Intel S5000VSASATA" />
		<option value="Intel S5000VSASATAR" />
		<option value="Intel S5520HC" />
		<option value="Intel S5520HCR" />
		<option value="Intel S5520UR" />
		<option value="Intel S845WD" />
		<option value="Intel S875WP1-E" />
		<option value="Intel SBT2" />
		<option value="Intel SC5520HC" />
		<option value="Intel SCB2" />
		<option value="Intel SDS2" />
		<option value="Intel SE440BX" />
		<option value="Intel SE440BX2" />
		<option value="Intel SE7210TP1-E" />
		<option value="Intel SE7221BK1" />
		<option value="Intel SE7221BK1-E" />
		<option value="Intel SE7230NH1" />
		<option value="Intel SE7230NH1-E" />
		<option value="Intel SE7320EP2" />
		<option value="Intel SE7500CW2" />
		<option value="Intel SE7501BR2" />
		<option value="Intel SE7501BR2S" />
		<option value="Intel SE7501CW2" />
		<option value="Intel SE7501HG2" />
		<option value="Intel SE7501WV2" />
		<option value="Intel SE7505VB2" />
		<option value="Intel SE7520AF2" />
		<option value="Intel SE7520BD2" />
		<option value="Intel SE7520BD23S" />
		<option value="Intel SE7520BD2SCSI" />
		<option value="Intel SE7520JR2" />
		<option value="Intel SE7525GP2" />
		<option value="Intel SE752OBD2" />
		<option value="Intel SHG2" />
		<option value="Intel STL2" />
		<option value="Intel SVDE374-14659" />
		<option value="Intel T440BX" />
		<option value="Intel TC430HX" />
		<option value="Micro-Star Inc. G31TM-P21" />
		<option value="Micro-Star Inc. MS-6728 2.00" />
		<option value="Micro-Star Inc. MS-7036" />
		<option value="Micro-Star Inc. MS-9151" />
		<option value="MSI MS-6787" />
		<option value="MSI MS-7529" />
		<option value="MSI N1996" />
		<option value="MSI PM8M-V" />
		<option value="Super Micro X7SB4/E" />
		<option value="Super Micro X7SBL" />
		<option value="Super Micro X9DBL-3F" />
		<option value="Acer Altos 1200" />
		<option value="Clarotech zUnknown HP" />
		<option value="ASRock G41M-V53" />
		<option value="ASRock P4i45Gx_PE" />
		<option value="ASUS H61M-C" />
		<option value="ASUS H81M-E" />
		<option value="ASUS P2B" />
		<option value="ASUS P4SDR-VM" />
		<option value="ASUS P5PE-VM" />
		<option value="Bioster Group G3IE-M7" />
		<option value="Compaq Proliant" />
		<option value="Compaq Proliant 1600" />
		<option value="Compaq Proliant ML530" />
		<option value="Dell 00F82W" />
		<option value="Dell 03X6X0" />
		<option value="Dell 051XDX" />
		<option value="Dell 0CN7CM" />
		<option value="Dell 0DYFC8A00" />
		<option value="Dell 0GC080" />
		<option value="Dell 0H603H" />
		<option value="Dell 0K29HNA01" />
		<option value="Dell 0N83VF" />
		<option value="Dell 0PM2CW" />
		<option value="Dell 0PWN3" />
		<option value="Dell 0R5KP9" />
		<option value="Dell 0RC130" />
		<option value="Dell 0X3468" />
		<option value="Dell 0YH299" />
		<option value="Dell 320" />
		<option value="Dell 420" />
		<option value="Dell 620" />
		<option value="Dell 720" />
		<option value="Dell DAT54AMB8C2" />
		<option value="Dell E93839" />
		<option value="Dell EODB551CB76" />
		<option value="Dell Manufactured for dell" />
		<option value="Dell NX642 A05" />
		<option value="Dell OCN7CM" />
		<option value="Dell OP229K" />
		<option value="Dell OR5KP9" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge 1800" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge 1950" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge 1950 111" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge 2600" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge 2800" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge 2850" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge 2900" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge 2950" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge 750" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge 850" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge 860" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge R210" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge R210 II" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge R220" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge R310" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge R520 TPM" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge R610" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge R710" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge R720" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge T110 II" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge T300" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge T320" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge T410" />
		<option value="Dell PowerEdge T630" />
		<option value="ECS G31T-M7" />
		<option value="Foxconn LS-36" />
		<option value="Fujitsu Siemens Primergy TX200" />
		<option value="Gigabyte 945GCM-S2C" />
		<option value="Gigabyte GA 8VM 800M" />
		<option value="Gigabyte GA-6BXDU" />
		<option value="Gigabyte GA-6VXC7-4X" />
		<option value="Gigabyte GA-8I915G-MF" />
		<option value="Gigabyte GA-8IG1000MK" />
		<option value="Gigabyte H67M-D2-B3" />
		<option value="HP 4K0964" />
		<option value="HP 5C7325P04Z" />
		<option value="HP DX2000 MT" />
		<option value="HP Proliant" />
		<option value="HP Proliant DL140" />
		<option value="HP Proliant DL160 G8" />
		<option value="HP ProLiant DL360p G8" />
		<option value="HP Proliant DL370 G6" />
		<option value="HP Proliant DL380" />
		<option value="HP Proliant DL380 G4" />
		<option value="HP ProLiant DL380 G7" />
		<option value="HP ProLiant DL380 G8" />
		<option value="HP Proliant DL380P" />
		<option value="HP Proliant ML150 G5" />
		<option value="HP Proliant ML150 G6" />
		<option value="HP ProLiant ML350 G4" />
		<option value="HP Proliant ML350 G5" />
		<option value="HP ProLiant ML350 G6" />
		<option value="HP Proliant ML350p G8" />
		<option value="HP Proliant ML370 G5" />
		<option value="HP ProLiant ML380 G5" />
		<option value="HP PWRGDCR19AUX" />
		<option value="HP Wistron Corporation M71IXA" />
		<option value="IBM 13N0879" />
		<option value="IBM 46D1406" />
		<option value="IBM 8639-0D0" />
		<option value="IBM 8646X" />
		<option value="IBM 8676X" />
		<option value="IBM H17596G" />
		<option value="IBM MS-9151" />
		<option value="IBM Netfinity 3000" />
		<option value="IBM PASS 10" />
		<option value="IBM xSeries 3400" />
		<option value="IBM xSeries 3550 M4" />
		<option value="IBM xSeries 3650" />
		<option value="IBM xSeries 3650 M4" />
	<input type="submit" value="Submit">
<hr />
<p>List of valid options for testing:</p>
	<li>Intel D101GGC</li>
	<li>Intel D815EEA</li>
	<li>Intel D815EEA2</li>
	<li>Intel D845GBV</li>
	<li>Intel D845GEBV2</li>
	<li>Intel D845GLAD</li>
	<li>Intel D845GLVA</li>
	<li>Intel D845GVAD2</li>
	<li>Intel D845GVSR</li>
	<li>Intel D845HVL</li>
	<li>Intel D845WD</li>
	<li>Intel D845WN</li>
	<li>Intel D850GB</li>
	<li>Intel D850MV</li>
	<li>Intel D865GBF</li>
	<li>Intel D865GLC</li>
	<li>Intel D915GAG</li>
	<li>Intel D915GAV</li>
	<li>Intel D915PBL</li>
	<li>Intel D925XECV2</li>
	<li>Intel D945GNT</li>
	<li>Intel D945GTP</li>
	<li>Intel D945GTPL</li>
	<li>Intel D945P5N</li>
	<li>Intel D945PL</li>
	<li>Intel D945PLRN</li>
	<li>Intel D946GZIS</li>
	<li>Intel DG31PR</li>
	<li>Intel DG33BU</li>
	<li>Intel DG33FB</li>
	<li>Intel DG35EC</li>
	<li>Intel DG41RQ</li>
	<li>Intel DG43GT</li>
	<li>Intel DG43NB</li>
	<li>Intel DG845GV</li>
	<li>Intel DG965SS</li>
	<li>Intel DH55HC</li>
	<li>Intel DH55TC</li>
	<li>Intel DH67BLB2</li>
	<li>Intel DH67BLB3</li>
	<li>Intel DH77EB</li>
	<li>Intel DP45SG</li>
	<li>Intel DP55WG</li>
	<li>Intel DPSSWB</li>
	<li>Intel DQ35MP</li>
	<li>Intel DQ45CB</li>
	<li>Intel DQ57TM</li>
	<li>Intel DQ965GF</li>
	<li>Intel E210882</li>
	<li>Intel E41515-406</li>
	<li>Intel E87653-001</li>
	<li>Intel G7ESZ</li>
	<li>Intel ISP1100</li>
	<li>Intel L440GX</li>
	<li>Intel MFS2600KI</li>
	<li>Intel MFS2600KIB</li>
	<li>Intel MFS5520U</li>
	<li>Intel MFS5520VI</li>
	<li>Intel MFS5520VIR</li>
	<li>Intel N440BX</li>
	<li>Intel NL440BX</li>
	<li>Intel P2600IP</li>
	<li>Intel R440LX</li>
	<li>Intel S1200BTL</li>
	<li>Intel S1200BTLR</li>
	<li>Intel S1200V3RP</li>
	<li>Intel S2400SC2</li>
	<li>Intel S26001P</li>
	<li>Intel S2600CP</li>
	<li>Intel S2600CP2</li>
	<li>Intel S2600IP</li>
	<li>Intel S3000AH</li>
	<li>Intel S3000AHLX</li>
	<li>Intel S3200SH</li>
	<li>Intel S3210SH</li>
	<li>Intel S3210SHLC</li>
	<li>Intel S3210SHLX</li>
	<li>Intel S340GP</li>
	<li>Intel S3420GP</li>
	<li>Intel S3420GPLC</li>
	<li>Intel S3420GPLX</li>
	<li>Intel S5000PSL</li>
	<li>Intel S5000PSLSATAR</li>
	<li>Intel S5000VCL</li>
	<li>Intel S5000VSA</li>
	<li>Intel S5000VSASATA</li>
	<li>Intel S5000VSASATAR</li>
	<li>Intel S5520HC</li>
	<li>Intel S5520HCR</li>
	<li>Intel S5520UR</li>
	<li>Intel S845WD</li>
	<li>Intel S875WP1-E</li>
	<li>Intel SBT2</li>
	<li>Intel SC5520HC</li>
	<li>Intel SCB2</li>
	<li>Intel SDS2</li>
	<li>Intel SE440BX</li>
	<li>Intel SE440BX2</li>
	<li>Intel SE7210TP1-E</li>
	<li>Intel SE7221BK1</li>
	<li>Intel SE7221BK1-E</li>
	<li>Intel SE7230NH1</li>
	<li>Intel SE7230NH1-E</li>
	<li>Intel SE7320EP2</li>
	<li>Intel SE7500CW2</li>
	<li>Intel SE7501BR2</li>
	<li>Intel SE7501BR2S</li>
	<li>Intel SE7501CW2</li>
	<li>Intel SE7501HG2</li>
	<li>Intel SE7501WV2</li>
	<li>Intel SE7505VB2</li>
	<li>Intel SE7520AF2</li>
	<li>Intel SE7520BD2</li>
	<li>Intel SE7520BD23S</li>
	<li>Intel SE7520BD2SCSI</li>
	<li>Intel SE7520JR2</li>
	<li>Intel SE7525GP2</li>
	<li>Intel SE752OBD2</li>
	<li>Intel SHG2</li>
	<li>Intel STL2</li>
	<li>Intel SVDE374-14659</li>
	<li>Intel T440BX</li>
	<li>Intel TC430HX</li>
	<li>Micro-Star Inc. G31TM-P21</li>
	<li>Micro-Star Inc. MS-6728 2.00</li>
	<li>Micro-Star Inc. MS-7036</li>
	<li>Micro-Star Inc. MS-9151</li>
	<li>MSI MS-6787</li>
	<li>MSI MS-7529</li>
	<li>MSI N1996</li>
	<li>MSI PM8M-V</li>
	<li>Super Micro X7SB4/E</li>
	<li>Super Micro X7SBL</li>
	<li>Super Micro X9DBL-3F</li>
	<li>Acer Altos 1200</li>
	<li>Clarotech zUnknown HP</li>
	<li>ASRock G41M-V53</li>
	<li>ASRock P4i45Gx_PE</li>
	<li>ASUS H61M-C</li>
	<li>ASUS H81M-E</li>
	<li>ASUS P2B</li>
	<li>ASUS P4SDR-VM</li>
	<li>ASUS P5PE-VM</li>
	<li>Bioster Group G3IE-M7</li>
	<li>Compaq Proliant</li>
	<li>Compaq Proliant 1600</li>
	<li>Compaq Proliant ML530</li>
	<li>Dell 00F82W</li>
	<li>Dell 03X6X0</li>
	<li>Dell 051XDX</li>
	<li>Dell 0CN7CM</li>
	<li>Dell 0DYFC8A00</li>
	<li>Dell 0GC080</li>
	<li>Dell 0H603H</li>
	<li>Dell 0K29HNA01</li>
	<li>Dell 0N83VF</li>
	<li>Dell 0PM2CW</li>
	<li>Dell 0PWN3</li>
	<li>Dell 0R5KP9</li>
	<li>Dell 0RC130</li>
	<li>Dell 0X3468</li>
	<li>Dell 0YH299</li>
	<li>Dell 320</li>
	<li>Dell 420</li>
	<li>Dell 620</li>
	<li>Dell 720</li>
	<li>Dell DAT54AMB8C2</li>
	<li>Dell E93839</li>
	<li>Dell EODB551CB76</li>
	<li>Dell Manufactured for dell</li>
	<li>Dell NX642 A05</li>
	<li>Dell OCN7CM</li>
	<li>Dell OP229K</li>
	<li>Dell OR5KP9</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge 1800</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge 1950</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge 1950 111</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge 2600</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge 2800</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge 2850</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge 2900</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge 2950</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge 750</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge 850</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge 860</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge R210</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge R210 II</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge R220</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge R310</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge R520 TPM</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge R610</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge R710</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge R720</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge T110 II</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge T300</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge T320</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge T410</li>
	<li>Dell PowerEdge T630</li>
	<li>ECS G31T-M7</li>
	<li>Foxconn LS-36</li>
	<li>Fujitsu Siemens Primergy TX200</li>
	<li>Gigabyte 945GCM-S2C</li>
	<li>Gigabyte GA 8VM 800M</li>
	<li>Gigabyte GA-6BXDU</li>
	<li>Gigabyte GA-6VXC7-4X</li>
	<li>Gigabyte GA-8I915G-MF</li>
	<li>Gigabyte GA-8IG1000MK</li>
	<li>Gigabyte H67M-D2-B3</li>
	<li>HP 4K0964</li>
	<li>HP 5C7325P04Z</li>
	<li>HP DX2000 MT</li>
	<li>HP Proliant</li>
	<li>HP Proliant DL140</li>
	<li>HP Proliant DL160 G8</li>
	<li>HP ProLiant DL360p G8</li>
	<li>HP Proliant DL370 G6</li>
	<li>HP Proliant DL380</li>
	<li>HP Proliant DL380 G4</li>
	<li>HP ProLiant DL380 G7</li>
	<li>HP ProLiant DL380 G8</li>
	<li>HP Proliant DL380P</li>
	<li>HP Proliant ML150 G5</li>
	<li>HP Proliant ML150 G6</li>
	<li>HP ProLiant ML350 G4</li>
	<li>HP Proliant ML350 G5</li>
	<li>HP ProLiant ML350 G6</li>
	<li>HP Proliant ML350p G8</li>
	<li>HP Proliant ML370 G5</li>
	<li>HP ProLiant ML380 G5</li>
	<li>HP PWRGDCR19AUX</li>
	<li>HP Wistron Corporation M71IXA</li>
	<li>IBM 13N0879</li>
	<li>IBM 46D1406</li>
	<li>IBM 8639-0D0</li>
	<li>IBM 8646X</li>
	<li>IBM 8676X</li>
	<li>IBM H17596G</li>
	<li>IBM MS-9151</li>
	<li>IBM Netfinity 3000</li>
	<li>IBM PASS 10</li>
	<li>IBM xSeries 3400</li>
	<li>IBM xSeries 3550 M4</li>
	<li>IBM xSeries 3650</li>
	<li>IBM xSeries 3650 M4</li>


                /* because who does "Times New Roman" */
* {
	font-family: Arial, sans-serif;



function datalistValidator(modelname) {
	var obj = $("#ModelName").find("option[value='" + modelname + "']");
	if (obj != null && obj.length > 0) {
		//alert("valid"); // allow form submission
		return true;
	//alert("invalid"); // don't allow form submission
	return false;

$(document).ready(function () {
	$("#ItemEditForm").submit(function () {
		var modelname = $("#ModelNameField").val();
		var existingModelName = $("h2").text();
		//alert("Submitted: " + modelname);
		if (datalistValidator(modelname)) {
			alert(modelname + " is valid");
			return true;
		alert(modelname + " is not a valid Model Name");
				right: "25px"
				left: "25px"
		return false;