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  This is a demo of how to use Font Awesome Pro icons using the Pro CDN using our Webfonts with CSS framework.

  1. We're calling all styles and the loader for Font Awesome Pro via our CDN. See the external references in the CSS configuration section of this demo.

  2. We're then referencing any icons we'd like in the markup below. Note: the layout and styling are being borrowed from's CSS. Go get your own or check out our faves like Tachyons or Bootstrap.

  * For more info on how to get started, check out
  * For more specifics on how to use icons, check out
  * See all Font Awesome icons at

<main class="w-100 min-vh-100 bg-gray9 white sans-serif pa6 flex flex-column justify-center items-center ba bw4 b--gray8">
  <div class="mw8 center w-100 overflow-hidden">

    <h1 class="mt0 mb4 tc fw6 f6 black-10">
      <a href="" class="link gray2 hover-white">
        <i class="fab fa-font-awesome-flag"></i>
        <span> Using SVG Symbols</span>

    <!-- Define the symbols, these are invisible on the page -->
    <i data-fa-symbol="delete" class="fas fa-trash fa-fw"></i>
    <i data-fa-symbol="edit" class="fas fa-pencil fa-fw"></i>
    <i data-fa-symbol="favorite" class="fas fa-star fa-fw"></i>
    <div class="flex justify-center">
      <div id="app" class="w-50">
        <div v-for="row of rows" class="flex items-center bb ph2 bw2 mb2 b--black-10">
          <div class="w-80 pv2">
             {{ row.label }}
          <div class="w-20 tr pv2">
            <!-- Leverage the SVG Sprite technique and the <use> tag -->
            <svg class="icon pa2 br2 pointer bg-gray"><use xlink:href="#edit"></use></svg>
            <svg class="icon pa2 br2 pointer bg-gray"><use xlink:href="#delete"></use></svg>
            <svg class="icon pa2 br2 pointer bg-gray"><use xlink:href="#favorite"></use></svg>


                .icon {
  width: 2em;
  height: 2em;


                var rows = [
  { label: 'Audra Vazques' },
  { label: 'Delia Venezia' },
  { label: 'Ryan Lindbloom' },
  { label: 'Archie Genest' },
  { label: 'Madelene Miguez' },
  { label: 'Micheline President' },
  { label: 'Chantell Harada' },
  { label: 'Merry Barwick' },
  { label: 'Alejandro Starbird' },
  { label: 'Ebonie Husk' },
  { label: 'Ezekiel Lamagna' },
  { label: 'Lynsey Prince' },
  { label: 'Despina Wait' },
  { label: 'Lavina Ferrigno' },
  { label: 'Lynnette Longenecker' },
  { label: 'Jacquelin Aguiar' },
  { label: 'Kathe Mcconkey' },
  { label: 'Luanne Hagar' },
  { label: 'Monte Siddiqi' },
  { label: 'Debi Amoroso' }

var app = new Vue({
  el: "#app",
  data: {
    rows: rows