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<div id="crawl">
<h1>STAR WARS</h1>
<p>The waves of grain moved like the surface of the ocean under the light of the moon, stirred
faintly by a susurrus of wind from the east. Caleb hoisted the worn wooden shaft of a scythe
over his shoulder and peered out into the darkness, dirt-grimed thumbnail scratching under the
brim of his straw hat, just above the sun-seared terminator of skin.</p>


                @-webkit-keyframes crawl {
  /* axis management until it disappears */
  0% { -webkit-transform:rotateX(40deg) translateY(1100px);opacity:1;}
  40% { -webkit-transform:rotateX(40deg)  translateY(-340px);opacity:1;}
  80% { -webkit-transform:rotateX(40deg) translateY(-1780px);opacity:0;}
  100% { -webkit-transform:rotateX(40deg) translateY(-2500px);opacity:0;}}

body { background: #000; perspective: 700px; }

#crawl { width: 80%; text-align: center; color: #fff;
font-family: 'Franklin Gothic Medium', sans-serif;
font-size: 4rem; margin: 0 auto;
transform: rotateX(40deg);
-webkit-transform: translateY(−200px);
-webkit-animation: crawl 30s linear;
animation: crawl 30s linear 4s infinite;