The power of data visualization cannot be underestimated.

Regardless of the industry you are working in, you should be able to analyze the incoming data and visualize the results immediately.

We’ve picked for you the top pens with analytical dashboards.

These data visualizations help to get deeper into the meaning of your data and communicate it efficiently.

Why not to try playing with demos? They're totally interactive.

Sales analytics 📊

These dashboards reveal the information about highest levels of sales by countries and over time periods. Load the data into a pivot table and spice up your data analytics with the charts - it's as easy as pie!

Space analytics

Are you interested in everything related to the space industry? Then the following analytics is a great choice.

  • Are you a fan of NASA?

  • Or maybe of SpaceX?

Economics 📈

Ecological footprint 🌎

Food & Health 🍪

  • Analyze the nutritional value of Starbucks beverages:

  • Or McDonald's food:

Use data visualizations at full power 🎨

You can embed a pivot table into Angular, AngularJS and React projects. After that, add Google Charts to the dashboard - the pre-made integration wrappers make a process completely time-saving.

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