CodePen Projects

Zero setup, full-featured front end web development environment, right here in your web browser.

A Real File System

Your sidebar. Whatever files you need.

Web Design 101. You have a homepage and a contact page. Your index.html links to contact.html with a <a href="contact.html">anchor link</a>. That works exactly as you think it would in the CodePen Project Editor.

Everything works exactly as you would expect in developing a website with a local file system and simple web server. Relative file paths to your images? No problem. @import in your CSS? Do it. Ajax requests? Sure thing. Nested folders? Got ’em.

Screenshot of CodePen's Project Editor with file search open
  • Files and Folder just like local development
  • Automatic processing of preprocessor languages
  • Deployment & Hosting
Screenshot of files being dragged to the Projects sidebar

Move your local files over

Drag & Drop Uploading

Have an existing project elsewhere? Maybe a git repo you cloned locally and want to play with? You can drag the files into the Project Editor and get working right away.

Projects accept all kinds of front-end related file types, like HTML, CSS, SVG/other image types, and JavaScript. If you upload a currently unsupported file type (like PHP), we’ll let you know.


This is where you teach front-end web dev.

Don’t buy expensive software that you have to install on every computer and keep upgraded by hand. You can get to teaching instantly with the CodePen Project Editor, in a ready-to-go environment that is just like a real world web development environment.

Beyond that, starter templates help jumpstart a session past even more setup and right into the important parts.

Zero-Setup Preprocessing

Like to write your CSS with Sass? We got you. Just name the file, for example, with the file extension `.scss` and we’ll understand and process that file for you. Included partials and all. We’ve got all the major ones covered:

  • Sass/SCSS
  • Autoprefixer
  • Less
  • Stylus
  • Nunjucks
  • Pug
  • Slim
  • Markdown
  • CoffeeScript
  • TypeScript
  • LiveScript
  • Babel
Preprocessor usage in CodePen Projects
CodePen Project Editor Deployments

Live Websites

Deploy When Ready

You’ll be able to deploy a CodePen Project to a static website. It’s a one click process for PRO users!

The Project Editor then becomes your development version. You’ll be able to make changes and save your project without affecting the deployed version.


Wish you could use for something you built on CodePen? You can now!

Developer PRO users will also be able to map their deployed project to a domain they own. That way you can manage real production websites on CodePen.

The Most Comfortable Place To Code

Syntax Highlighting

Choose your favorite light or dark theme.

Font Choice

Choose your favorite coding font.


Choose tabs or spaces, and how much indentation you want on a per-project basis.


Tab-key expanding shortcuts for HTML & CSS.

Keyboard Shortcuts

All the favorites like line-duplication, tag-closing, line-commenting.


Ctrl-space will help you complete HTML tags, CSS properties and values, and JavaScript variables, functions, and properties.

File Search

Fuzzy matching of file names means you can search for and jump to files super quickly.

Context Menus

Perform common actions easily through a right-click context menu, like renaming and duplicating files.