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Our most popular PRO feature, Privacy, lets you control who sees your content.

Asset Hosting

Keep your files on CodePen for easy access and management. Optimize and edit images, and edit code without switching to another editor.

Collab Mode

Work in real-time on the same Pens with colleagues and friends. See their edits and work together without leaving CodePen.


Keep Your Work Secret with Unlimited Privacy

You can make as many private Pens and Collections as you wish! Private Projects are only limited by how many total Projects your plan has.

  • Private by Default. Want to start all your Pens as private and not worry about accidentally showing off your work to the world? Private by Default lets you easily turn a switch to keep all your work under wraps.
  • Secret URLs. Nobody can see your private stuff until you want them to, because they are at secret un-guessable, non-searchable, non-indexable URLs. But, you can still share that URL with anyone you choose.
  • Full Ownership. Private Pens and Projects are unlicensed, so you may apply your own before sharing so that you retain full ownership.
Toggling the privacy toggle on and off.
Privacy is always available at the flip of a switch.

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Live demonstration of drag and drop uploading a file then renaming it in the CodePen Editor.

Asset Management & Hosting

Easily Upload Files with Asset Hosting

Need to use an image in a Pen? No more awkwardly finding alternate hosting for it, you can drag-and-drop it right onto CodePen and we’ll host it for you.

And it doesn’t have to be just images. It could be CSS, JavaScript, a PDF you want to link up, a short movie file, some JSON to request, really anything!

Edit Images

Optimize, change the size and rotate images directly in CodePen.

Easily Copy URLs

We’ve got easy copy shortcuts for <img>, markdown, and css to save you time.

Multi-File Upload

Bulk add images and keep working faster.

Demonstration of three editors editing code simultaneously, one in the HTML editor, one in the CSS editor, and one in the JS editor.

Collab Mode

Pair Program Across the World

Live collaboration on code. Multiple people can type and edit code in a Pen at the same time, all while still seeing the live preview. Great for long-distance pair programming!

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More Exclusive PRO Features

Get more with a PRO membership

You’ll get access to other features that support great developers like you.

Several different customized embed themes layered on top of each other.

Customized Profiles & Embed Themes

Your website has a unique look, so why should the code and demos you provide there look generic? The CodePen Embed Builder allows you to build themes to completely customize the look of Embedded Pens. Change the look of your site? Just change the theme and all your Embedded Pens change too.

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Demonstation of 17 students watching Professor Mode.

Professor Mode

Have students watch you work in real time! Every key press and setting change is shown live. Better than video — the students can interact with the code and see it live rendering. Students can save a fork at any time, keeping a copy for themselves to play with.

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