Asset Hosting

Easily upload any file and use it. With superpowers, of course.

Where you need it

Drag & Drop right from the editor.

You’re coding along nicely. Now you need an image! You have one on your computer. Just open the Assets panel and drag and drop it in there. We’ll upload it for you and give you a URL for it so you can use it immediately.

You don’t have to drag and drop though, you can select the file from you file system if you want, or, paste in a URL to where the asset already is online and we’ll move a copy over for you.

Edit your assets anytime

Crop on upload.

Is your image not perfect as you have it on your computer or as it exists wherever you upload it from? No problem, you have lots of editing options, including cropping it before you upload to your CodePen Assets.

There are more options pre-upload as well, like rotation and matting images into a circle.

Edit your assets anytime

Images can be optimized and edited at any time, even after upload.

Any image asset can be edited on-the-fly, even after you’ve uploaded it. Scale it down, rotate it, and adjust the quality level. You can even crop it as you adjust the size and deliver it in different formats like WebP, AVIF, or let us choose the optimal format.

You can do all this through the UI, but it all happens through URL parameters, meaning you can adjust things in your code or programmatically. This can be quite useful for things like responsive images markup.

Editing Text

Your text-based assets are easily editable anytime.

JavaScript files, CSS files, blobs of JSON data, SVG, CSV, txt, you name it. Not only can you upload them and use them in any Pen, you can edit them from anywhere in a comfortable CodePen editor.

If multiple Pens use that asset, they’ll get your edits as well. Efficiency for the win!

Worldwide speed

Your assets are on a super fast global CDN.

That means everyone will be able to download them as fast as possible. You don’t have to do anything, it’s all taken care of. You don’t even have to worry about restrictive CORS headers, those are opened up for usage on CodePen.

Find things fast

Get back to any asset quickly with filtering, searching, and sorting.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to find all your existing assets. You can do a quick search for them, filter by file type groupings, and sort by useful things like date uploaded, file size, and alphabetical file name.


Not just one at a time

Easy Multiple File Upload

If you have a bunch of files to upload, it’s never been easier! We don’t cap the number of files you have in assets, there is only a total storage limit and per-file size limit (limits vary based on your PRO tier).

Per File LimitTotal Storage
FreeNone (upgrade!)None (upgrade!)
Starter PRO5 MB2 GB
Developer PRO10 MB10 GB
Super PRO15 MB20 GB

Not just for desktop

Mobile Uploading Support

You can upload files from your phones picture roll, for example. Whatever file system stuff your mobile device gives you access to, you should be able to upload from there.

Any questions about asset hosting? Ask us anytime: