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              // The object we wanna control
let obj = {}

// Our handler to control object via Proxy
const handler = {
  get(obj, prop) {
    console.log(`Getting property ${prop} from object`)
    // Remember to so the default operation, returning the prop item inside obj
    return obj[prop]
  set(obj, prop, value) {
    console.log(`Setting property ${prop} as ${value} in object`)

    // Do the default operation, set prop as value in obj
    obj[prop] = value

      Set method must return a value.
      Return `true` to indicate that assignment succeeded
      Return `false` (even a falsy value) to prevent assignment.in `strict mode`, returning false will throw TypeError

    return true

// Set the proxy
let proxifiedObj = new Proxy(obj, handler)

// Now to test the handler, Just set some stuff or read props from the obj
proxifiedObj.name = 'Farzad' // Setting property name as Farzad in object
proxifiedObj.name // Getting property name from object
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