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  1. Very helpful! Thanks

  2. This is very useful. Well done!

  3. awesome, thanks!!

  4. Super useful, @Gabi! Thanks for making this!

  5. This one is going into my bookmarks. Well done ;)

  6. This is gold! Thank you!

  7. cool 'playgroung'! thnks

  8. Thanks @Gabi! it's really useful :)

  9. This is truly a magnificent gift for anyone learning or using flexbox.

  10. This is awesome--thank you!

  11. This si without a doubt the best guide/tool for figuring out what flexbox can and can't do! Gave be a few ideas of my own too! :)

  12. The best and prettiest flex-box primer/playground I've seen so far. Great work by Gabi (and CodePen;))

  13. Love it @enxaneta ! Just a heads up... you misspelled "playground" ... :)

    Will be sharing this pen with coworkers when we talk more about Flexbox!

  14. Lol thank you so much @kbav!! I hate spelling errors.

  15. Ditto for this being a terrific guide. Examples are perfect and as @kbav mentioned, will be sharing with co-workers. Nice job!

  16. Just wanted to say thanks for this. Been using it quite a bit. :)

  17. Thank you for your words @thebabydino

  18. @enxaneta This is awesome! Another typo, though: "Propertyes for the flex items"

  19. Thank you @nategreen. Thank you for the tip!

  20. Very useful! Thanks for your work, I will use your pen for my flexbox class, I'm sure my students will understand it perfectly with your code. ;-)

  21. Thank You for taking the time to put this helpful demo together! :)

  22. Thanks Gabi. Loved it

  23. Anyone happen to know if someone has built a similar playground for CSS Grid? If not, I might take a stab at it!

  24. This repo is very awesome, thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you!

  25. @enxaneta this is very nice.

    one observation tho: order for flex items can also be set for negative, and as such this option to go into negative area, for numbers lower than zero should be enabled.

  26. @enxaneta very useful tool!

    can you update to add space-evenly?

  27. today I learned that

    justify-content: stretch;

    exists as well. should update, probably

  28. This is cool and very well done!

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