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3D prisms created purely with HTML and CSS3(D) transforms, shaded with CSS gradients, animated with CSS transitions. AngularJS is used to wire up an updating dataset.

Inspired by http://dribbble.com/shots/810382-3d-chart

Special thanks to http://github.com/BarryJRowe for rubberducking me.


  1. I love the folded paper look!

  2. try adding "*{outline: none;}" without quotes, in your css

  3. @timohausmann thanks, it's inspired by the dribbble shot linked in the description, I guess that's what he was going for. I had a version where the peaks spread out instead of rising, more like an actual folded piece of paper, but it looks weird on obtuse & reflex angles.

    @shoowack good point. I had the chart interactive while working on it to grok some of the angles, just forgot to drop the tabindex on the chart.

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