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A design for a sign-up/login form using tabs and floating form labels.


  1. awesome design.. really loved it

  2. You have one thing which made me look to manuals. Try to find it in your buttons. button class="button button-block"/ Log In /button

    Nice Form BTW.

  3. May I use your login form for my web application? Nice work :)

  4. Hi Eric, I tried to use your Form on a site I'm creating but the javascript doesn't seem to be working. Please what might be wrong?

  5. Beautiful i can even fork it is so nice. Great Job.

  6. Always wanted to know how this was done! Awesome!

  7. Hi Eric! I am extremely thankful to you for the amazing ready-to-use css templates from you. I appreciate your help if you can address my small doubt. I have gone through the HTML, CSS and JS code in this template, but I failed to understand where is the validations for form submission coming from because I don't see any javascript related to validations but I can see that the form is being validated upon submission. Please help me out by answering my question. Thank you.

  8. I made it one on one and the login button is not working/redirecting me to the login part - I wonder what Im missing

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