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A lightweight full page parallax scroll effect.


  1. for my parallax collection ;) thnks

  2. its very beautiful Parallax effect :)  

    my web page

  3. Gorgeous. Thx for sharing!

  4. Hey Emily...

    thanks for so nice parallax effect.... may I ask you a favor?

    When I copy this code into a html file and set everything, appears from nowhere a blank slide in the end.... I can't figure it out what is happening.... mind to give me a hand here please?

    cheers =D

  5. i love it :))

  6. very nice work! but troubles with anchors, cant make it work, anchor links do not work.

  7. doesnt work on mobile :(

  8. @kevkev Did you find a solution on mobile ? Same problem here...

  9. @martin i used fullpage.js which workes fine on mobile - same scrolling and you can animate each section

  10. Here a touch enabled version

    It's a simple hack but works. Some tests are required!


  11. Thank you frank, I needed that touch enabled version...

    @tofanelli blank slide at the end appears when javascript is above the html code (0 elements when executed)...

    @FTP-Group Based on franks version: I made another fork extracting goDown and goUp method which could also be called from a link (onclick="goDown();") and even chained: onclick="goDown();goDown();" - Just remember to countercheck against currentSlide if you need to goUp(); or goDown();

  12. Why am I in firefox test, continuously turn two sections. What's the solution? Thank you.

  13. Thanks you!

  14. wow it is very good. thanks you

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  15. thanks. I used it for a small mobile site

  16. after I used this one it doesn't work on edge browser

  17. How about this? Pure CSS, No JS required. It's not perfect but working.

  18. Hi, this is great! My only problem is using new images from I don't know why they don't show. anyone can help please.

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