Kid Erebus

(Kid Tartarus in dev)


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Use Arrow Keys & Spacebar

Left & Right to move,
Up to Jump
Down to power up when you have 10 * current power in souls (40 souls to raise to power 5)
Spacebar to shoot
# of Bosses remaining, if any, is shown at top-right, KILL THEM ALL!

Souls serve as hit points and power ups, so upgrade wisely.
Once time runs to 0, your souls will drain until you die. Run run!!


- If time is running low, stock up on souls to buffer your health against the ensuing drain.

- Souls are the source of your defense as well as your offense; you can be the most powerful man in the underworld, but if your souls are too low, you'll die with one hit.

- Some enemies(like bosses) have armor ratings (like around 5ish) so you can't even hurt them if your power is too low.

-... you won't be able to hurt the bosses unless your power is over 5, is basically what I'm saying.

- BUT! If your power is way higher than an enemy's vitality, you can drive arrows right through them and damage multiple enemies!