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 * Use the Arrow Function rather than anonymous function, if you can
// 1. Create an Array list containing the following as a literal object.
//title	              price	author	  rank
//Three Little Pigs	  20	  Jacobs	  1
//Alice in Wonderland	25	  Carroll	  2
//Seven Dwarfs	      35	  Disney	  3
//Swallow's gift	    15	  Unknown 	4
let books = [
  {title: "Three Little Pigs", price: 20, author: "Jacobs", rank: 1},
  {title: "Alice in Wonderland", price: 25, author: "Carroll", rank: 2},
  {title: "Seven Dwarfs", price: 35, author: "Disney", rank: 3},
  {title: "Swallow's gift", price: 15, author: "Unknown", rank: 4},

let book = {title: "Cinderella", price: 30, author: "Perrault", rank: 5};

// 2. What is the type of books? Are there any Javascript types?

//3. Add a book object to the front of books array.

//4. Delete the book object you just added.

// 5. Add a book object to the end of books array

// 6. Delete the book object you just added.

// 7. Insert a book object between Alice in Wonderland and Seven Dwarfs.

// 8. Delete the book object you just added.

// 9. 제목이 Swallow's gift인 객체의 작가를 Unknown 에서 Tom 으로 변경하시오.
// 먼저 Swallow's gift 를 찾은 후에 이름을 변경하시오.

// 10. Sum all the price of books array.

// 11. rank가 3보다 적은 책들을 모은 새로운 배열을 리턴하시오.

// 12. After sorting the title first, create a new array with a rank number before a title
// the result is

// 13. 가장 비싼 책의 제목을 출력하시오.