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                <div id="slidy-container">
  <figure id="slidy">
    <img src="" alt="eyes" >
    <img src="" alt="lou" >
    <img src="" alt="lucie-2" >
    <img src="" alt="lucie" >


                body { background: #221; }
#slidy-container { 
  width: 70%; overflow: hidden; margin: 0 auto;


                /* user defined variables */
var timeOnSlide = 3, 		
    // the time each image will remain static on the screen, measured in seconds
timeBetweenSlides = 1, 	
    // the time taken to transition between images, measured in seconds

// test if the browser supports animation, and if it needs a vendor prefix to do so
    animationstring = 'animation',
    animation = false,
    keyframeprefix = '',
    domPrefixes = 'Webkit Moz O Khtml'.split(' '), 
    // array of possible vendor prefixes
    pfx  = '',
    slidy = document.getElementById("slidy"); 
if ( !== undefined) { animation = true; } 
// browser supports keyframe animation w/o prefixes

if( animation === false ) {
  for( var i = 0; i < domPrefixes.length; i++ ) {
    if([ domPrefixes[i] + 'AnimationName' ] !== undefined ) {
      pfx = domPrefixes[ i ];
      animationstring = pfx + 'Animation';
      keyframeprefix = '-' + pfx.toLowerCase() + '-';
      animation = true;

if( animation === false ) {
  // animate in JavaScript fallback
} else {
  var images = slidy.getElementsByTagName("img"),
      firstImg = images[0], 
      // get the first image inside the "slidy" element.
      imgWrap = firstImg.cloneNode(false);  // copy it.
  slidy.appendChild(imgWrap); // add the clone to the end of the images
  var imgCount = images.length, // count the number of images in the slide, including the new cloned element
      totalTime = (timeOnSlide + timeBetweenSlides) * (imgCount - 1), // calculate the total length of the animation by multiplying the number of _actual_ images by the amount of time for both static display of each image and motion between them
      slideRatio = (timeOnSlide / totalTime)*100, // determine the percentage of time an induvidual image is held static during the animation
      moveRatio = (timeBetweenSlides / totalTime)*100, // determine the percentage of time for an individual movement
      basePercentage = 100/imgCount, // work out how wide each image should be in the slidy, as a percentage.
      position = 0, // set the initial position of the slidy element
      css = document.createElement("style"); // start marking a new style sheet
  css.type = "text/css";
  css.innerHTML += "#slidy { text-align: left; margin: 0; font-size: 0; position: relative; width: " + (imgCount * 100) + "%;  }\n"; // set the width for the slidy container
  css.innerHTML += "#slidy img { float: left; width: " + basePercentage + "%; }\n";
  css.innerHTML += "@"+keyframeprefix+"keyframes slidy {\n"; 
  for (i=0;i<(imgCount-1); i++) { // 
    position+= slideRatio; // make the keyframe the position of the image
    css.innerHTML += position+"% { left: -"+(i * 100)+"%; }\n";
    position += moveRatio; // make the postion for the _next_ slide
    css.innerHTML += position+"% { left: -"+((i+1) * 100)+"%; }\n";
  css.innerHTML += "}\n";
  css.innerHTML += "#slidy { left: 0%; "+keyframeprefix+"transform: translate3d(0,0,0); "+keyframeprefix+"animation: "+totalTime+"s slidy infinite; }\n"; // call on the completed keyframe animation sequence
document.body.appendChild(css); // add the new stylesheet to the end of the document