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Requested in response to my earlier comparison sliders. Full article.


  1. This is a great bit of code. I'm wondering how this could be accomplished inside a player with controls. For example, be able to play, pause, scrub the video and be able to use the slider to compare to videos?

  2. It's certainly possible, Aaron. You'd have to create your own UI and wire it up with JavaScript, which is fairly easy... the one difference is that each UI element would control both videos simultaneously.

  3. Thanks Dudley,

    I played around with it and once I get the controls overlaid the slider stops working. Do you have an example of this working I could see?

  4. I'm afraid not, Aaron. I'm very busy at the moment, so I won't have a solution to hand for some time... but I shall keep it in mind.

  5. This is the best I've seen... Simple, Clean, and Minimalist! It can even be used for static images.

  6. I really like what you've done here. Have you done any work with making the videos the full height and width of the screen?

    I have been trying but have not got very far at all..

  7. Hi yellow: you can't do both; the height will always be off unless the browser window is the exact same aspect ratio. You might want to look at the object-fit approach I use in my background video pen.

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