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Free to use. Doesn't work in Firefox, contributions are appreciated. (Navigation, Dropdowns, Checklist, Input, Search & Range)

I used this, for the colors.


  1. @WilliamMalo - Thats the same method I use. It works well...

  2. Great job Joey - looks fantastic!

  3. I have a hard time putting words together so they make sense, so I made an example: http://codepen.io/WilliamMalo/pen/qIohb

  4. @WillimMalo - This is what I was thinking http://codepen.io/anthonyadamski/pen/zrDxv

  5. unfortunately, you cannot transition pseudo effects - otherwise it would be perfect.

  6. Slight changes..Added hover and inverted the radio box selection http://codepen.io/crc442/pen/dFrtA

  7. The dropdown updates the selected item...http://codepen.io/crc442/pen/pcEan

  8. @crc442 Only just saw these, they look really good!

  9. @chriscoyier ^ Jenny's targeting lonely devs. It may work.

  10. @dope Got (her)! The good news is our spam system caught a lot of them. Weird that one got through.

  11. this is pretty cool dude :)

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