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                <div class="js-player-wrap" data-player-type="songs">
<div class="js-player" id="jp_jplayer_0" style="width: 0px; height: 0px;"><img id="jp_poster_0" style="width: 0px; height: 0px; display: none;"><audio id="jp_audio_0" preload="metadata" src=""></audio></div>
<div class="songs-player js-player-container" id="js-player-1">
<div class="songs-player__bg js-player-track-poster" style="background-image: url("images/img-music/1.jpg");"></div>
<div class="songs-player__info">
<div class="songs-player__current">
<div class="songs-player__name js-player-track-name">Священная война</div>
<div class="songs-player__description js-player-track-info">Музыка - А. Александров. Слова - В. Лебедев-Кумач. Исполняет Краснознамённый ансамбль песни и пляски Советской Армии им. А. В. Александрова. Дирижёр - Б. Александров</div>
<div class="songs-player__controls jp-controls">
<div class="songs-player__controls-item disabled">
<button class="songs-player__btn jp-previous">
<svg class="ico" width="24" height="16" viewBox="0 0 24 16" id="ico-prev">
<path fill-rule="evenodd" clip-rule="evenodd" d="M2 8v8H0V0h2v8zm11 0V0L2 8l11 8V8zm0 0l11-8v16L13 8z"></path>
<div class="songs-player__controls-item">
<button class="songs-player__btn songs-player__btn--play jp-play">
<svg class="ico ico--play" width="14" height="20" viewBox="0 0 14 20" id="ico-play">
<path d="M0 18.057V1.943a1 1 0 0 1 1.581-.814l11.28 8.057a1 1 0 0 1 0 1.628L1.58 18.87A1 1 0 0 1 0 18.057z"></path>
<svg class="ico ico--pause" width="14" height="16" viewBox="0 0 14 16" id="ico-pause">
<path d="M1 0C0.447715 0 0 0.447715 0 1V15C0 15.5523 0.447715 16 1 16H4C4.55228 16 5 15.5523 5 15V1C5 0.447715 4.55228 0 4 0H1ZM10 0C9.44771 0 9 0.447715 9 1V15C9 15.5523 9.44771 16 10 16H13C13.5523 16 14 15.5523 14 15V1C14 0.447715 13.5523 0 13 0H10Z"></path>
<div class="songs-player__controls-item">
<button class="songs-player__btn jp-next">
<svg class="ico" width="24" height="16" viewBox="0 0 24 16" id="ico-next">
<path fill-rule="evenodd" clip-rule="evenodd" d="M0 0l11 8-11 8V0zm22 8l-11 8V0l11 8zm0 0V0h2v16h-2V8z"></path>
<div class="songs-player__controls-item">
<div class="songs-player__btn songs-player__btn--volume vol-btn">
<div class="mute-trigger jp-mute"></div>
<svg class="ico ico-state-volume" width="18" height="16" viewBox="0 0 18 16" id="ico-volume">
<path fill-rule="evenodd" clip-rule="evenodd" d="M16 8a6.002 6.002 0 0 1-5 5.917v2.021A8.001 8.001 0 0 0 11 .062v2.021c2.838.476 5 2.944 5 5.917zm-2 0a4.002 4.002 0 0 1-3 3.874V4.126c1.725.444 3 2.01 3 3.874zm-7 5.8L4 12H0V5h4l3-2.4L9 1v14l-2-1.2zM4 10H2V7h2.702l.547-.438L7 5.162v6.306l-1.971-1.183L4.554 10H4z"></path>
<svg class="ico ico-state-mute" width="18" height="16" viewBox="0 0 18 14" id="ico-mute">
<path fill-rule="evenodd" clip-rule="evenodd" d="M4 11L7 12.8L9 14V11.6676V2.33238V0L7 1.2L4 3H2H0V5V9V11H2H4ZM2 9H4H4.55397L5.02899 9.28501L7 10.4676V3.53238L5.02899 4.71499L4.55397 5H4H2V9ZM12.5858 7L10.2929 4.70711L11.7071 3.29289L14 5.58579L16.2929 3.29289L17.7071 4.70711L15.4142 7L17.7071 9.29289L16.2929 10.7071L14 8.41421L11.7071 10.7071L10.2929 9.29289L12.5858 7Z"></path>
<div class="songs-player__volume">
<div class="js-player-volume ui-slider ui-corner-all ui-slider-horizontal ui-widget ui-widget-content">
<div class="ui-slider-range ui-corner-all ui-widget-header ui-slider-range-min" style="width: 80%;">
<span tabindex="0" class="ui-slider-handle ui-corner-all ui-state-default" style="left: 80%;"></span>
<div class="songs-player__progress js-player-track-progress">
<div class="jp-progress">
<div class="jp-seek-bar" style="width: 100%;">
<div class="jp-play-bar" style="width: 0%;"></div>
<div class="jp-time-holder text-justify">
<div class="songs-player__time jp-current-time" role="timer" aria-label="time">00:00</div>
<div class="songs-player__time jp-duration" role="timer" aria-label="duration">03:20</div>
<div class="songs-player__list js-slider-wrap" data-slider-type="songs">
<div class="swiper-container js-slider-container swiper-container-initialized swiper-container-horizontal" style="height: 100%;">
<div class="swiper-wrapper">
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item active swiper-slide-active" data-id="900" data-name="Вокализ" data-info="	Валентина Толкунова и Муслим Магомаев" data-poster="" data-src="">
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item swiper-slide-next" data-id="901" data-name="Белая земля" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Эдуард Хиль" data-poster="" data-src="">
Белая земля</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="902" data-name="Добрые приметы" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Лев Лещенко - Добрые приметы" data-poster="" data-src="">
Добрые приметы</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="903" data-name="Домой, домой" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Леонид Серебренников" data-poster="" data-src="">
Домой, домой</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="904" data-name="Песенка молодых соседей" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Фёдор Чеханков" data-poster="" data-src="">
Песенка молодых соседей</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="905" data-name="В порту" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Олег Анофриев" data-poster="" data-src="">
В порту</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="906" data-name="Доброта" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Владимир Мигуля" data-poster="" data-src="">
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="907" data-name="Мой город Горький" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Иосиф Кобзон" data-poster="" data-src="">
Мой город Горький</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="908" data-name="Уральская рябинушка" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Владислав Туманов" data-poster="" data-src="">
Уральская рябинушка</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="909" data-name="Прасковья" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и гр. "Уматурман"" data-poster="" data-src="">
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="910" data-name="Русский вальс" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Алексей Гоман" data-poster="" data-src="">
Русский вальс</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="911" data-name="Дельфины" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Олег Анофриев" data-poster="" data-src="">
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="912" data-name="Летите, голуби" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Олег Ухналёв" data-poster="" data-src="">
Летите, голуби</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="913" data-name="Ночной звонок" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Лев Лещенко" data-poster="" data-src="">
Ночной звонок</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="914" data-name="Диалог у новогодней ёлки" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Леонид Серебренников" data-poster="" data-src="">
Диалог у новогодней ёлки</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="915" data-name="Старт даёт Москва" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Лев Лещенко" data-poster="" data-src="">
Старт даёт Москва</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="916" data-name="Зажжём потешные огни" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Вадим Орловецкий" data-poster="" data-src="">
Зажжём потешные огни</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="918" data-name="Санки" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Владимир Мигуля" data-poster="" data-src="">
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="919" data-name="Кто в любовь по-прежнему верит" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Лев Лещенко" data-poster="" data-src="">
Кто в любовь по-прежнему верит</div>
<div class="songs-player__list-item swiper-slide js-player-item" data-id="920" data-name="Нас с тобой не разлучат года" data-info="Валентина Толкунова и Муслим Магомаев" data-poster="" data-src="">
Нас с тобой не разлучат года</div>
<span class="swiper-notification" aria-live="assertive" aria-atomic="true"></span></div>
<div class="slider-nav hidden-xs">
<button class="slider-arrow slider-arrow--prev js-slider-prev swiper-button-disabled" tabindex="0" role="button" aria-label="Previous slide" aria-disabled="true">
<svg  class="ico" width="9" height="14" viewBox="0 0 9 14" fill="none" id="ico-nav-prev">
    <path d="M8 1L2 7L8 13" stroke-width="2" stroke-linecap="round"></path>
<button class="slider-arrow slider-arrow--next js-slider-next" tabindex="0" role="button" aria-label="Next slide" aria-disabled="false">
<svg class="ico" width="9" height="14" viewBox="0 0 9 14" fill="none" id="ico-nav-next">
    <path d="M1 1L7 7L1 13" stroke-width="2" stroke-linecap="round"></path>