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  h1 TEST Notification



  margin 0
  padding 0
  box-sizing border-box

$success = #03a9f4 //#1a7bb9
$danger = #ec4758
$warning = #f7a54a
$primary = #18a689
$info = #21b9bb

  font: 100%/1.6 sans-serif
  display flex
  height 100vh
  margin auto
  width 320px
  position fixed
  z-index 100
  top 1em
  right 1em
  user-select none
    background #FFF
    box-shadow 0 0 1em -.5em #000, -.5em 1em 5em -1em rgba(0,0,0,.7)
    padding 1em
    position relative
    //border-left .5em solid $success
    cursor pointer
    position absolute
    top .5em
    right .5em
    stroke #CCC
      stroke #000
    font-size 1.4rem
    line-height 1
    margin-bottom .7rem
    line-height 1.4
    color #333
    font-size 90%

  border-left .5em solid transparent  
    border-color $success
    border-color $danger
    border-color $warning
    border-color $primary
    border-color $info
  font-size 80%  
    color $success
    color $danger
    color $warning
    color $primary
    color $info   


                const TEST = [ 
    title: 'Notification title',
    body: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Magnam explicabo repellat blanditiis, aperiam beatae eos dolor voluptas eveniet!',
    type: 'success'
    title: 'Notification title',
    body: 'Amet laborum aspernatur atque. Assumenda, impedit. Adipisci impedit laudantium odio, veritatis earum magni non voluptatem provident, sint iste voluptate ipsum repellendus accusamus.',
    type: 'danger'
    title: 'Notification title',
    body: 'Architecto ratione iste laboriosam inventore atque facere, iusto sunt error autem facilis voluptas culpa assumenda aliquam cumque! Unde explicabo est odit sit.',
    type: 'warning'
    title: 'Notification title',
    body: 'Labore id praesentium necessitatibus corporis odit ratione quos eum delectus porro, eos suscipit cum earum officia expedita deleniti. Laborum itaque libero rerum!',
    type: 'primary'
    title: 'Notification title',
    body: 'Vitae corporis fugit aspernatur praesentium impedit iste eaque adipisci ratione, animi porro libero deserunt, est dolore omnis ullam. Quod nobis incidunt cum.',
    type: 'info'
    title: 'Notification title',
    body: 'Ducimus minima obcaecati tempore eaque libero aliquam commodi natus rerum cupiditate, doloribus culpa vitae dolorum? Culpa distinctio, deleniti hic dolores officia quo?',
    type: 'danger'
    title: 'Notification title',
    body: 'Repellendus quod aliquid ad, quae harum similique facilis aliquam. Dolorum deserunt alias officia atque dolor, voluptas harum. Inventore reiciendis reprehenderit provident!',
    type: 'primary'

function randomInt(min, max) {
  let rand = min - 0.5 + Math.random() * (max - min + 1);
  rand = Math.round(rand);
  return rand;

Vue.component('notification', {
  <div class="Notification" v-show="notice">
    <div class="notice" :class="notice.type">
      <svg @click="notice=!notice" class="close" width="20" height="20" viewbox="0 0 20 20" stroke-width="2">
        <line x1="3" y1="3" x2="17" y2="17"></line>
        <line x1="3" y1="17" x2="17" y2="3"></line>
      <div class="title">
        <i class="type" :class="notice.type">{{notice.type}}</i>
      <div class="body">{{notice.body}}</div>
  props: {
     notice: {
      type: [Object, Array]

setInterval(() => ( vm.$data.index = randomInt(0, 6) ), randomInt(100, 5000) );
const vm = new Vue({
  el: "#app",
  data: {
    index: 0
  computed: {
    notice() {return TEST[this.index]}
  methods: {}