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              mixin feature()
    h3 Lorem ipsum dolor
    p  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Optio error fugiat voluptates mollitia nihil illum, quos aperiam cupiditate at sint molestiae. Accusamus libero illum, voluptates fugiat repudiandae consectetur unde necessitatibus!

      svg(width='6em', height='6em')
        circle(cx='3em', cy='3em', r='3em', fill='#FFF2E9')
        text(text-anchor='middle', x='50%', y='50%', dy='.4em', fill='#FFF', font-size='3.4em') Z
      for item in ['Work','About','Contact']
        a(href="#") #{item}

    h1 If it
    h2 has a screen, we’re on it.
    p We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help bring ideas to life across all of the devices in our lives


font-family: 'Rubik', sans-serif;
font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;
font-family: 'Roboto Condensed', sans-serif;

  font-size calc(.8vw + 1vh + .2vmin)

  margin 0
  font 300 1em/1.4 'Roboto', sans-serif
  @media (min-width 920px)
    font-size .8rem
    //line-height 1.8em
  color grey
  // @media (min-width 920px)
  //   font-size 80%
  //   line-height 1.8em
  font-family 'Rubik', sans-serif

  margin 1em 0 2em
  display flex
  align-items center
  justify-content space-between

    width 50%
    display flex
    flex-wrap wrap
    justify-content space-around

      font-size 1.2em
      padding 0 2em 1em
      color #444
      //text-decoration none
      font-family 'Rubik', sans-serif
      font-weight 700
      // &:hover
      //   background #000
    transition fill .5s
    fill #3DAFCA

  min-height 100vh
  display flex
  flex-direction column
  justify-content space-around
  padding 0 4% //2em //1.4em
  margin auto
  max-width 1280px
  font-size 1.8em
  margin-bottom .5em
    margin 0
    line-height 1
  align-self flex-end  
  display flex
  justify-content space-between
  @media (max-width 540px)
    flex-wrap wrap

    color #4d4d4d
    padding 0 1.4em
    border-left 1px solid #8995A2
    margin-bottom 2em
    // &:last-child
    //   border-right 1px solid #8995A2
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