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based on previous pen: http://codepen.io/diegopardo/pen/JFBCn

Thank you to all!

This Pen is a fork of Diego Pardo's Pen JFBCn.


  1. Diego, love it. Maybe the letters need to be Alpha-Bits? :P

  2. Thank you guys. John... perhaps I should rename the pen "breakfast loading"? :D

  3. Looks like cereals in milk ! You deserve to win.

  4. It looks great. :)

  5. Thanx Hugo :)

  6. Very creative use of text-shadow!

  7. Nice! Imagine how scary this would be if you use some icon font with hands and a face :P

  8. Very very cool! I may have to steal this for a future project!

  9. Thank you all guys!

  10. hot hot hot mate - brilliantly executed

  11. Grazie Francesco :)

  12. This is awesome... is it me or does the 'ING' seem to appear at the same time in the editor view!?

  13. Thanx :)... I noticed the same thing a couple of times but I can not give you an explanation. Also it happened to me in the details view... :/

  14. Super creative thinkin!

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